Sunday, 14 December 2014

Candy Cane Socks & Jamaaliday Rescue video

Hello, and welcome to another post. :3 (What else could it be?)
In case you haven't heard on the last post, i have had to put comment moderation on. -.-
Most of you are probably wondering, why am i saying this?
Cuz just a quick reminder - your comments might not appear in the first place, but after i have approved your comment it'll appear under the post. ^-^
Comment moderation will be on for most likely a few days. c:
Anyway's back to the post!
The gift isss . .  .
*drumroll* (again)
Hmm, i wonder if THESE are candy! :D
*tries to eat*
*spits out*
blergh >:c
*Note to self: Do not try to eat any items with the word "candy cane" in them again*
It looks amazing on deer. ^.^
Most of you probably know that anyways. ;P
But it still looks sorta awkward, so i won't be wearing it on my deer . . for now . . maybe?
Im gonna try these on my fox since they have cute small feet and stuff.
Like all foot items on fox, it also looks cute. :3
Im still not gonna be wearing them though.
And now, it's time for . . THE NEW ITEM! :D
Which is the mysterious cloak sold in the diamond shop! (Duh, don't you see the diamond symbol?)
Im gonna try this on my Arctic :3
It does looks very mysterious :3
But it would look REALLY good on my wolf . . (just my plain wolf)
It's sorta like a vampire cloak . . it should have been released on the Night Of The Phantoms.
Im just gonna check the DE cuz i haven't it a long while. :P
*gets overwhelmed by over punctuated posts*
Uhm . . o.O
Lastly, here's the Jamaaliday Rescue Video! :D
I would  post it here but i can't find it (THANKS BLOGGER =_=) so you'll have to click this link :3
Bye for now!


  1.'ve stopped Cloud so many times....DX Anyways, I think the candy cane socks look a bit cute :3


  2. First comment as well ^-^


  3. Hi Cloudclaws! Your an inspiration and a great jammer. i wish more jammers would be as nice as you. you express your feelings about jamaa in a way others are able to agree and anybody lucky enough to read your blog will approve of your existance as much as i do.

  4. The candy cane socks are so cute!! In real life, I actually collect socks ;)! Now that I think about it, I think I actually have some socks that look like those! 🎀🎀🎄🎄🎅🎅⛄⛄
    Happy Jamaalidays!

    1. Yup, they do look very cute :3 It looks more like stockings on reindeer though. :P

  5. Erm.. Hi, I'm not gonna say "first comment" derp,
    Anyways.. Mysterious cloak I will DEFINETLY buy
    I spelled it wrong :3
    Anyway, Cloud, where's the adventure video? :c

    1. Definitely is a difficult word to spell. :c (i actually had to right click on that to correct it)
      Anyways, the adventure video is below the post. Click the link :3

  6. Nice vid! owo

    I love how these socks look like on bunnies. c:

  7. I saw the new jingle bell necklace and started freaking out when I saw other jammers wearing one before I checked the store. I was like wondering WHERE IN JAMAA DO YOU GET THOSE!? ( I assumed they were next day until I checked the stores...) BWAH! There it is. At least I never mentioned anything...:3


    P.S. That was very long...xD


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