Thursday, 28 August 2014

Bonsai =^w^=

Hiya jammers! ^o^
Today's adorable item is the bonsai tree sold in treetop gardens. c:
Yay! Bonsai's. ^-^
And best of all, there isn't that annoying "MEMBERS ONLY" tag on this either, so all jammers can enjoy it! c:
Bonsai trees are interesting. But this design is weird. o-o
And there's also little forest ones. :3
Mini - forest! :D 
And . . um, crazy ones. o.O
I wish i owned a bonsai right now. Bet they're hard to take care of . . ;-;
Abandoning de subject of bonsai trees, here's the DE post. c:
I forgot to enter.
Good job to the winners though. ^-^
Maybe i can win the otter one . . >:3
On the other hand, here's an Item Feature. :3 
Rare long spikes, not to be confused with short spikes which are otherwise less rare are a highly wanted item - mostly for their rarity and looks.
The spikes are divided into two categories - short and long. Long spikes, like the picture have a pattern of short & long spikes while short spikes are the same length. The long ones are much rarer - the rarest kind is the long black spike. There are also spiked wristbands, which go around your leg instead of your neck.
Ok, and lastly here's the party invitation. ^-^
Only two days! :D
K, bye for now jammers! ^o^


  1. Good thing the bonsai is for everyone! I love those kind of plants. Like those pictures you showed, they have really nice structures. My favourite is the mini-forest bonsai. :3

    Congrats to the people who won this News Crew Assignment! Too bad I don't have time to do these kind of things so it will be extremely rare that I'll win once.

    I started to try and collect every rare spike collar in the Eagle Adventure.. So far I got the green and pink ones. My dream one is the black spike collar. It will fit on almost everything, and it will be a complete touch for my fox! To me, I don't like the wristbands, I like leg items that are worn on each leg then just one leg.


    1. *cough* I mean Jammer Snaps, not News Crew Assignment *cough*


  2. Ahh the new item is so cuute!! >u<
    And I love the color options too ;3;

    Hmm, that's strange. On the screenshot you took, there's no colorchangerthingy.. Because I just went on AJ and apparently if you change the color you can have little apples or flowers on your tree now. xD

    I used to have a Bonsai, but you are right that they are hard to take care of. Ugh.. :'D

  3. Dat guy dat licks katz8 February 2016 at 06:06

    Spikes story: All the animals of Jamaa were losing to the phantom wars- Badly. The alphas were horrified when Rosy, the bravest arctic wolf came back hurted. "Oh no! How will Jamaa survive?" Panicked Liza, "Yes, I know, Liza. Let's stay calm, though. I'm sure we'll think of something..." Greely calmly explained, even though even he was panicking. "I hope! We're hopeless against these phantoms! And we promised Mira!" [See Anklet and party post in comments :3] Graham finally said. "Right!" Peck was painting pictures to keep people knowing how serious the wars were. "Peck? Can you please stop painting for just a few minutes? These wars are serious, Peck." Liza sighed. "Liza. Please, just calm, I have an idea." Greely interrupped. (Was that correct?) "I am relaxing.. what's the idea?" Liza obviously was confused with the idea, seeing all the alphas were. "We could make an item! They'll help!" Greely said, in a super calm voice, like nothing ever happened at all. "Yes! Hmm, how about a few of these, and these, and- and- Oh yes! These!! Ooh! Wait, how about-" Graham was already hard at work. "Let's get st-" began Liza, but by now Graham was finished. "Wow! That was.. fast." Peck screeched, behind the art easel. "We'll name it the Spike!" the Alphas gasped. "Perfect......."


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