Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Sir Gilbert Portrait

NOTE: The party is not on 23rd August - it was a typo. It is on 30th Saturday August. Read further for more info.

Hiya jammers! ^o^
The new item is the Sir Gilbert Portrait. :3
The portraits are um creepy.
But the border around Gilbert just represents him so good . . Well he's a warrior mainly. :P
Is it just me or is the Sir Gilbert portrait kinda less creepier then the others? :I
Also his pigtail looks like a ponytail. o-o
Maybe that's just me too. Dunno.
And i found a funny picture about Animal Jam . . XD
Bad Liza! by Roseyicywolf
Credit to Roseyicywolf from Deviantart
It's not real and it's meant to be not real, but it just perfectly explains Liza's mad face. xD
Liza got mad because of the update maybe . . ? :p
She's like: UGHhhhh . . Another update?! Humph!
And that is my reaction to updates.
Cuz i wanna keep playing but also want the new update. XD

And now time for the GIF of the day! :D
The 40 Cutest GIFs In The History Of The Internet
Sooo cute!! :3
Also, here's a bonus ^o^
The 40 Cutest GIFs In The History Of The Internet
Otter basketball >:3
Lastly, here's the Party Invitation in case you haven't seen. :p
Edit: I added a few more details to help.

That's all the time i have for today! ^.^
Bye. :3


  1. Ha Liza threw a fit!!!!! Lol the otter one is super current same with the cat I love how the cat hugging a stuffy? Also the sir Gilbert one looks creepy!!!!! More creepy then others

  2. i really wan to go to the party, but i live in the USA (not central time). so i dont know what time to go if i live in a different time zone! i someone could tell e i would be happy :)
    P.S. second comment!!!

    1. I changed it into AJHQ time which is in Utah, Salt Lake City to make it easier for you all to come. :)

  3. I'm so excited for the party! Where in Jamaa is it, though?

  4. Can u change the time plz


    1. Sorry, it's the best i could do. :(
      In my time, 6:00 AM is 10:00 PM and the latest i can stay up is 11:00 PM.
      I changed it into Salt Lake City time in Utah, which is AJHQ time.

  5. Aww man I can't make it to the party! Wish I could wake up that early.
    I will try to make it though. ~glamdiva101~

    1. Awwwww, I wish I could come to the party! Am I too late?


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