Saturday, 4 October 2014

Scary Antlers

Hey! :3
Another returning Night Of The Phantoms item today - the Scary Antlers which are sold in Jam-Mart clothing! C:
Yayz! I really wanted this item to return. :3
I remember when i saw these first in the stores, i didn't know the scary version of these came out every October. XD
But now to think of it, it's not very scary . . UNLESS you put it into a costume >:3
Black and orange items + Black and Orange fur = SCARY o_o
Chu can use the costume by the way. ^-^
Anywho, i know this is late but many jammers (Almost all jammers, actually. XD) have noticed that before you say something, this happens. o.o
It's strange though, because you can only see it on YOUR screen. :O
What do you think about this? I think it's slightly annoying. :I
I don't really see how it helps the chat. :p
Perhaps safety reasons? Because one time i said something and it remained as "..."
Check below the link for more!

Speaking of safety, here's the DE post! ^-^
AJ seems to be doing lots of safety posts these days. I guess it's a good thing to remind jammers once in a while C:
What other safety tips do you know?
Moving on . . 
 You know this sing in Bitter Sweets? I sometimes wonder what happens when you get four pets standing there. o.o
Same with the Eagle Adventure. Is it some sort of super-secret thingy? :O
What if . . you get ALL the candies you need to complete the adventure?
Anyone here ever opened the door? :3
[ Yep, this is random. XD ]
 Why do i even
Lastly, here's the Weekly Question! :D
What do you best like about the Night Of The Phantoms?
That's all for today! Bye jammers! C:

PS. River Art has been updated! Click here to see the new artworks!


  1. I find the chat thing annoying too! Like I get a chat warning every five minutes when I'm saying something as simple as this im playing on my ipad on an app called puffin!!!!! What the heck aj that's not INAPROPIATE

    1. mybe they thought u ment the other puffin like no puffing up puffin puffin

  2. Also the four animals things you go brough and can get some gems and 75 candies!!!

  3. for all of u who reads violet's blog
    and knows all the drama about Tacocat101 i found out the tacocat101 is creepersofthenether block both of them
    I'm trying to spy for Violet
    Anonymous from the AJSB

    1. P.S. Creepersofthenether is and old enemy of mine and so is Tacocat101 now

  4. What the fish? Anyway, the ... Before the sentance you are saying is because they're filtering it so it seems they made jamaa safer!
    Open it you get CANDY! ^~^

  5. ya i get it alot it IS anoying

  6. Try using a pet Bat, Hummingbird, Owl, Eagle, or Butterfly, It makes it a LOT easier to do Bitter Sweets.

  7. I loveeeee the SPOOOOKY Music!!!


  8. e3e I think the '...' is for safety reasons. I got like 30 warnings a day JUST because I misspelled a word. And cos I added a space for no reason (You can't say 'grave yard' with a space for some reason, that's an example)


  10. Lol one day in Jamaa someone traded a rare for my rare and I said no.
    Then, I said give me a common non member item that is not rare and not beta.
    LOL just helping random ppl.

  11. yea its gone now. IT WAS SUPER DUPER ANNOYING ( maybe more annoying than annoying orange.... nah)


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