Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Spooky couch and more

Hello jammers! c:
The new item is the Spooky Couch, sold in Jam-Mart furniture! 
AJHQ makes a spooky chair, makes it member and then make a spooky couch, make it member AGAIN. -_-
At least AJHQ could have made the spooky chair nonmember.
This is getting pretty ridiculous now. :I
No nonmember item for about 11 days. >.<
Meanwhile in Jam-Mart Clothing, the robot mask is being sold for 600 gems!
Check below the link for more

*checks to see if it's nonemmber*
*sees huge golden "MEMBER" sign"
Couldn't AJHQ make at least ONE nonmember item already? DX
But anywho, it doesn't look too bad on animals. ^-^
Although it's jaw looks slightly awkward. :P
Also, is it just me or does AJ REALLY need a pandas-only party?
Moving on, do you think Bitter Sweets is only gonna stay for the Night Of The Phantoms?
Because the portals are all over Jamaa. I hope it stays forever, because it's one of my favorite adventure. ^-^
Speaking of adventures, is there gonna be a normal land adventure ever again? The underwater. eagle, and pet adventures are fun, but im starting to miss the original adventures. D:
Also, episode two of the AJ comic is here! ^-^
These pets seem to get excited very easily. xD
I wish these comics lasted longer. :c
But im left wondering how we can catch a ghost . . o.o
I don't think it's a ghost anyway though. What could it be?
Lastly, here's the fashion show
Flora Magicpaw has been eliminated!
This time, vote TWO jammers out!
Sadly, that's all i have for today. :c


  1. I vote Magical Snowylepoard and Blooming Rainystar
    Also I hear Anonymous from the AJSB might come here...

  2. I vote out fuzzy magic seal and princess snowy claw

  3. I thought fuzzy the seal was out... Well then, I vote princess snowy claw and fuzzy Theseal out. I wander who is going to win.

    1. I really don't see how you want fuzzy the seal out!

  4. I vote out Fuzzy Theseal and Blooming Rainystar, sorry! And im so so so happy i started the Warriors series!

    NONMEMBER ITEMS PLZ AJHQ I BEG U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I know a cheat for AJ jam a gram me if u want to know

  6. Hi people! I am koalaberry511! You might know me from AJS! I am doing a giveaway! Buddy koalaberry512! The winners get rares! Enter NOW!

    PS: I vote out Professer JellyMaster and Precious SnowyCat. (No hard feelings though!)

  7. I vote out Fuzzy the seal and blooming rainy star.
    P.s wasn't Fuzzy the seal out but what happened that made fuzzy the seal in again maybe she bribed :O

  8. Also nonmembers should get a new item cuz nonmembers are jammers too and they should have more items like i know that members pay but maybe nonmembers can't convince their parents so there should be more items for nonmembers.
    Ps. even though im a member i support that there should be more items for nonmember. #equalityfornonmembers

  9. I vote out Fuzzy theseal and Princess snowyclaw out, sorry :c

  10. I vote out Fuzzy Theseal and Flora Quietcat.

    I don't think there should be a panda's only party, but a foxes only party. SO MANY OF THEM!

  11. I want Juniper Shiverpelt out and Princess snowy claw out. Why do people dislike that poor seal?
    PS I am sorry I couldn't delete the seal part,

  12. fuzzy the seal and juniper shiveerpelt


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