Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Captain Melville's Journey - Part 2

The second, and final part! Hope you enjoy. ^-^
Chapter two
Melville had been traveling for only a few days. There was a chilling wind the air, and the sky was heavy with thunderclouds. Feeling uncomfortable, Melville begun to swim faster. What am i thinking, doing this? What if the dreams really where nothing?
His thoughts where interrupted by a loud crackle of thunder which made him jump. The wind was strengthening, and so was the current. A gust of wind hit his face. It was now raining, and the current was stronger than ever. Melville swimming in short bursts of speed, trying to beat it. Huge waves started engulfing him, his strong tail was thrashing against the water, but this was too much for a young seal like him. He suddenly heard a crashing sound behind him. Turning around, he saw a huge wave heading straight towards him. He tried to swim, but he knew he was helpless. The wave went right over him, too exhausted to continue, he closed his eyes and let the current carry him . .
Melville's eyes slowly opened. He had been washed up at a familiar beach. There was a huge tiger with a red cape standing over him. "Are you okay?" He asked. Melville opened his mouth to talk, but instead he coughed out a ton of seawater. The tiger softly sunk his teeth into the black and white seal's scruff. "I'll take you to Cosmo." He said.
Cosmo? Who's "Cosmo?" Melville thought. They finally arrived at a small wooden house covered by trees.

A short brown koala wearing a pointed green hat came down from upstairs. "So who's this then, Sir Gilbert?" He asked.

"I found him washed up on the shore." Gilbert answered back as he put him down on a hammock made out of a giant leaf.

A sharp, burning pain suddenly came from his shoulder. He looked behind to see the koala putting some herbs on a huge cut. There where also several small scratches on his tail, neither of which he had noticed. "This will hurt for a bit." The koala said. He rested his head on his flippers and closed his eyes, trying not to flinch.

Chapter three
About two days had passed since Melville had arrived at this strange, new place. Melville let out a huge yawn. His body wasn't sore anymore, in fact he was feeling much better in general. He went out of his hammock. The brown koala, who was called Cosmo came down. "I see you're feeling better now." He said. Melville nodded quickly, he had tons of questions to ask. "What is this place?" He said.
Cosmo replied, "This is Jamaa, a land where animals can be together in harmony."
"Is there any hunters here?" Melville asked.
"Hunters?" Cosmo repeated. "Never heard of it. But anyways, wanna meet Liza? She's the head Alpha. In case you're wondering they're like the leaders of different animals."

They both headed to a Bamboo forest. After a short walk, Melville could see a small brown hut in front of them. They went inside, it had a small bamboo table in the middle and two sofas on the sides of it, and a large wardrobe on the side of a wall. A panda suddenly popped out. Her smile was warm and her purple eyes twinkled. "Hey, Cosmo!" She said. "Hello Liza!" Cosmo replied. "I have a new jammer here. Sir Gilbert found him washed up on the shore."
"Welcome to Jamaa. Come on, lets meet the other jammers."

Melville spent the rest of the day meeting jammers and exploring all the different lands, such as Sarepia Forest and the Temple Of Zios.

For the next few days, Melville lived in Cosmo's den with Sir Gilbert coming in to visit often as they lived close to each other. Melville often made delicious fruit juices ever since he was taught the recipe. After a week, Sir Gilbert came to Cosmo's den. "Melville, i have something to show you." He said as he slid out of the den, Melville closely following behind. He took him to an old hut. "This used to be a juice hut, but then it got abandoned. Since you make delicious fruit juices and seem to enjoy it, do you reckon you can rebuilt it and make juices for all jammers to drink?"

"I never thought about rebuilding a juice hut, but that sounds good to me." He said.
In the next two weeks, the juice hut was being rebuilt and was finally open. Melville made delicious juices of all sorts of flavors, like berry mix, and sometimes even smoothies.
Chapter four
Melville made juices for 2 months, until one night he decided to go to the shore. There was a calm, relaxing breeze in the air and the water was still, with occasional small waves. He looked out into the horizon, into the distance.

Suddenly, he remembered all that he had left behind, the seals, his family, his sister, Juniper. And he was meant to find a new home for them. And this place, Jamaa, was a safe place for everyone. He ran to Sir Gilbert's den.
"What is it Melville?" He asked, letting out a huge yawn.
"I have to leave"
"But why?" Gilbert asked.
Melville quickly explained about the seals. Sir gilbert nodded slowly. "But before you go," he said, "I want you to go on this."
He took Melville to a huge wooden boat which stood tall and proud in the moonlight. "This way you won't have to worry about getting too tired or storms." Sir gilbert said.
"Thanks." Melville replied. He set sail to the polar regions, waving Gilbert goodbye.

The seals all returned safely, and made their new home in Jamaa. Melville continued making juices for many, many months until he mysteriously disappeared one day, never to be seen again.

And that's the end of Melville's story, but why Captain? Even though he was never called that, he was remembered as Captain Melville because he had brought a whole group of seals to Jamaa. And who knows? Perhaps someday, Melville might return . .


  1. Wow, that was really good! Does that mean he is the seal alpha? Is his name actually Harper then?

    1. Not really, he was pretty much an ordinary seal. :P
      But he did find a new home for the seals, so the herd consider him a hero.


  3. Awesome! :)

    Oh and Coolpapa, Cloud can make any types of posts she wants. Well, it is her blog. Not all posts have to be updates.

  4. Wait... there was a Captain Meville's Journey Chapter One!? I must not have been on this blog when it started... I must have been on AJSB...

  5. Well after i read Chapter One, I must say thats pretty cool!

  6. Cloud that was a really good ending... I felt like getting my reading glasses under a reading lamp... lol. -DinozWisdom


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