Friday, 14 November 2014

Salon rug & Sky kingdom

Hello jammers! Welcome to another post. c:
The newest addition to the salon theme is the Salon rug!
I love this item. I would give it a 9/10. ^-^
I think the rug shows different textures of fur, but the blue looks a little unnatural and humany.
But dis item is almost perfect, because it's interesting and cheap and best of all, NONMEMBER! :D
It's clawtastic how nonmembers are getting more interesting salon items rather than that broom thingy. :3
I actually have an idea now. *randomly clicks "buy" button like 10000 times*
wow ok why did i do this
Anyways, i found out that in the Sky Kingdom, you can slide on a rainbow! :D
Check below the link for more!

Yesh, that was a very odd position i captured there. xD
Moving onto some random stuff, i decided to get a pet lion today. :P
Her name is Metalcat because her colors are greyish and lions are like big cats. c:
The cloud accessory is a nice touch too. ^-^
And now for the QOTP! :D
Which do you like best, Crystal Palace or Sky Kingdom and why?
And by the way, i think i'll be doing that randomness blog thingy since everyone that answered said yes. :3
New sig! Yay!
P.S If you need help with your journey book then click HERE!


  1. Nice new sig cloud claws I love it you seem to make awesome sits do u think u could make me one? If not that's ok

    1. Was that a typo? :P
      But anyways, i can make you a sig because i really enjoy making them. :D
      Just show me the background you would like, the colors or the font and some extras. If you want, i have the Animal Jam font in my computer. ^.^ (Tikiisland)

      Also, you can ask me if you want a shading, glow or shine for the texture of the text.

  2. Nice lion cub im saving up for a polar bear then getting a lion club or should I get a lion cub first lol

  3. I'd say the sky kingdom for some odddddd reason, ^-^ Probably because of the epic things and roomies.


  4. Yay it's a PA Day for me!!!


  5. I love your new name tag!!! I can't wait to read your new blog!!! I like the Crystal Palace just a little bit better because 1, it's blue, one of my favorite colors, and 2, it's a lot sunnier than the sky kingdom.

  6. P.S. Your new pet lion is totes adorbs!

  7. Ha. The pet's on a cloud. And you're Cloudclaws. I see what you did there! Cx

    Cute new signature! owo

  8. I like the crystal palace the best because it has so many secret rooms, underground tunnels under wells, boats, towers, islands, cliff hangouts, and a garden area. Too bad it is Members only

  9. I absolutely LUV your new Sig.! And I like Crystal Place, much less confusing. Although I'm sure I get used to it eventually. Plus, gotta love Metalcat! So CUTE!!!!!!!!

    chococat525AJ @# reluctance. lol, what was that!?

  10. LOL ps, I meant get used to the SKY KINGDOM eventually ;D
    Plus the # was a typo. ...

  11. Well....

    I like the Crystal Palace because it has fire and ice (I call it ice >:3) in the mine area. And it reminds me of my story. And so I used to think of doing story scenes there. But I can't anymore. Eh. :/
    And it also has very cool Alpha statues in that den.

    But I also really like the Sky Kingdom, as well. Like come on! Riding a huge slide and a rainbow. That's pretty epic! *o*

    Hard decision. I choose both. XD

    Ah yes. Cloud, I was very bored on AJ. And so I decided to visit your den. I only counted 12 Salon Rugs- not 10000. Oh wait. There aren't enough inventory slots for that. Whatever though. x3


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