Monday, 28 April 2014

Rant about unfairness to nonmembers..

Ok, look. AJHQ is taking is "become a member today!" thing far too seriously. 
Well, guess what? Today i learned that free chat is for members-only. SERIOUSLY?!
Credit to the Animal Jam Sky. By Safe chat, they mean free chat.
I mean look, i totally understand that AJHQ needs money, but disabling free chat for nonmembers?!
That's a stupid reason to become member, i mean it WOULD be fine if there where just a little more member items than nonmember items, but taking away stuff from nonmembers is not the answer!
Nonmembers should have almost as many responsibilities as members, i feel like AJHQ is making chatting more difficult for nonmembers!
First off, it was the chat history. And then, the repost opinion is for members only and now THIS!
What next?! Nonmembers can only speak with bubble chat?
Its just really unfair. Everyone should be able to enjoy chatting, just because nonmembers didn't pay money, it doesn't mean that they can just TAKE AWAY stuff from them!
And i also noticed some unfairness with the items, too.
Now yesterday's item i missed out, the dirt bike is a perfect example of what i mean.
 Now this almost the same as the regular bike, except that its member. And you know why?!
Sure, there are some that liked the regular bike more than this one, like me, but AJHQ did that thinking more jammers would like the dirt bike!
I have also noticed that AJHQ is making the "bad-quality" items nonmember, like the Golf Bag for example.
But the thing that REALLY makes me angry is the chat opinions being taken away from nonmembers, The items? There are other cool nonmember items in the shops, but once something about the chat is gone for nonmembers, its most likely gone forever!
ANOTHER thing which really makes me angry is that nonmembers getting bullied or being left out.
Ever seen a members only party? That's EXACTLY what i mean.
Or even worse: nonmembers getting BULLIED by members.
Although this is rare, its still a very bad case, nonmembers and members should be equal!


  1. 1 st i would put yay but im not very happy i mean i agree with you i was a member once and now i am nonmember so i know what its like on both sides i mean before i was ever a member it was way more fair than now then i become member and im like yay i become nonmember and im like :( cuz if it was still as fair when i was a nonmember before i would be ok but this is getting out of hand i already dont play aj as much as i use to before you know if they make it fair for nm and members then more ppl would play it but its not like that so ppl wont play it as much most members dont even know this stuff is happening im so mad right now i might even quit aj gosh they need some scents me and some of my friends have some ideas to make aj better and get more members but no one will listen and now ajhq is in the deep end im not joking right now so mad


  2. I hope that AJHQ will add more non mem items soon. Because, slowly they are removing nonmember items that have seemed to be around forever, like coffee tables and spiral lamps. -yea they are on clearance- I hope this does not become an all-member game.

    1. ikr!!! but, atleast i see more non member items coming out!

  3. I think members-only parties aren't a big deal. There's restricted parties for certain animals all the time. I don't think it's fair for someone to judge having a members-only party. It's like having a horses only party. Also, AJHQ changed he chat system because they had to by law. Everything's explained in the help section.

    1. yeah... parties aren't a big deal! there are also animal only parties for non member animals!

  4. That's ridiculous!

  5. oh, and of course there goes ronen correcting everything again because he's right and everybody else isn't.

  6. R.I.D.I.C.U.L.O.U.S.
    Does AJHQ think any more people are going to join?

    Even when I still played, I saw people who had just joined...and never went on again.

    1. um... wow! i still play aj, because i'm a member. but i help non members, not be mean

  7. At least for nm accounts that already had free chat keep it.

  8. I agree with cloudclaws once I tried to start a protest for nm to be treated better

    1. i saw a thing if you turned into a blue bunny you meant bunnies are awesome! i joined them xD

  9. animal jam is just greedy now days I guess you can say their really "greely' alpha puns aside animal jam thinks that little kids are the best way to steal their pennies out of their pockets by begging ther mommy and daddy to buy a membership. its flipping sick

  10. I do agree how unfair it is how ajhq took away "free chat" for non-members. Though, ajhq does need a source of money to keep the game, "animal jam" running. So basically, a "non-member" is a person that has limited amount of things unless they pay, when or if they pay, they can access the items they couldn't get when they didn't pay. It is a system that works for both ajhq and jammers, when you are a non-member, animal jam is basically saying "Try out our game for free, but if you want to become more into the game, you must pay." How else do you think animal jam makes their money? Of course they need to make non-members have limited amount of things so then they can make being a member sound fun, It may seem as a greedy system, But as long as people are paying, Animal jam will continue to be on the internet for both members and non-members


  11. can i copy paste this in an email to AJHQ?

  12. And yet, Jammer Walls are still 'testing' for members.


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