Monday, 26 January 2015

Rare pink purse.. again?!

Hello. c:
where is da new item.
ohhhh yeaahh it's RIM! :D
Probably another recolored ite- wait, wut.
Jamaa's most boring, un-exciting rare. *claps* wooowooo
Why? Because AJHQ released this on Thursday. There is nothing exciting about a rare you already saw. :I
I already did the rating and stuff. 
so errr yeah.
this is awkward. o.O
At least it's a nonmember rare. :3
wait . . 
IT'S NONMEMBER! there hasn't been a nm rare for ages DIS IS SO AWESOME UDHSJHKDHjsfhdja

^ what.
This rare is now, NOT Jamaa's most boring and un-exciting item. C:

*claps* WOOWOOO
yay for the rare pink purse :D
But i just noticed something sad.
mostly girls would buy this so nonmembers who are boys can't really celebrate.
wow AJHQ wow
woooow just srsly

^ That was a long, umm "description"
Well, you're probably getting bored now so here are some adorable animals. x3
Source: Tumblr

Source: Tumblr
How a fox hunts. Majestic :O

Source: Tumblr 
Source: Tumblr 
Source: Tumblr 
polar bear backflip. c:
Source: Tumblr

elephant ribbon dance. :P

doggy party

"im a cat?!"

Lots of jumping in those GIFs. :P
I don't know what to post about anymore. But have you seen the post about Kindness in the DE? :3
Click here to see!
I think kindness is a really good thing in Jamaa. ^-^
I sometimes send a JAG to new jammers to make them feel more welcome. :P
Since the pictures are about buddies, you know what would be really awesome?
why can't AJHQ make 300 slots or something? Or better . .
That is unlikely though.
But 300 buddy slots would be awesome. rlly rlly epic
chu know what day it is?
yayy moar questions for you to answer. :)
^ dat face looks awkward
First question . .
How to do be nice to other jammers?
da second
What new things would you like to see in the blog posts?
Bye for now. :D 
sorry if the post today wasn't that interesting . .  >.<
Good morning/afternoon/evening/night.


  1. No time to answer question! -_- Gotta rush and welcome back pink purse x3


  2. Maybe I can just fit in that was the first comment xD

  3. mah favorite ish da jumping cat and dog I think I have seen that fox b4 anyway QOTP AWNSER TIME!!!!!!!!!! (darn did not win) complementing clothing and a page for role players

    1. Sorry if i sound rude, but i tried making an outfit for the roleplay outfit idea, and it wasn't the best. But what's the complementing clothing thingy? I might do that. :3

  4. The gifs with the animals jumping reminds me of phrases used by the Young Army in Septimus Heap, "To win the fight, time it right!" and "on the brink, stop and think"

  5. How to do be nice to other jammers?
    You can easily send or trade them a gift! Be nice, talk to them about how to play, and who to watch out for.

    What new things would you like to see in the blog posts?

    I'd like to see a helping section.

    1. That's some great tips about how to be kind. :D But can you explain more on the helping section? ^-^

  6. OMG THAT FOX TODAY THEY PUT A FOXY FACE ON IT im like 0.0 I saw that before i read the blod though ^.^

  7. I would love a section for, maybe, all the RIM or betas on AJ? Just a possibility! :D

    1. I have item features, which feature a rare or a beta item. ^.^

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