Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Clover cape + GIFs + Fun Fact

Hello! :3
Don't forget that if we reach 130 follows we'll have a contest. :3
Isn't today meant to be diamond day?
Or was it Wednesday? I don't know anymore. :I
I don't really care about AJHQ's "schedule" anyway.
I mean, i forgot it's RIM 90% of the time. o-o
Except for yesterday.

Wait . . 
yayz C:
I haz the hiccups. :c
^ random.

Let's search for the new item! :D
*searches 1 zillion shops for the new item*

Actually, there's only a few shops in Jamaa but whateves.

 It's in bahari bargains. :P
 Uhm okay.
That does not look like a clover. -.-
It looks more like a . . a . . weirdly shaped heart?
*Not a real-life heart
Nu, what's it shaped like? :c
It's shaped like NOTHING. :D
Which means it's such a weird shape that there's no name for it. And AJHQ still calls it a clover cape.

*logic* :D

Also, it looks awkwardly awkward on turtles.
  It's tied to it's shell, and then the cape itself is super long.

So wow. Very awkward. O_O
 Why is it tied to it's shell? It looks like it's found to fall off very easily.

I guess i just logged in too early. :P
I have 22 diamonds right now.
I save them up and spend them on nothing but animals.
I would buy pets if you could feed them, play with them and other stuff.
Then it would feel like you're actually taking care of something. :D
But on AJ, you just have a pet.
And they magically survive even though they never eat anything.

Mind = blown
(not really)

Saw this in Jamaa today.

Do any of you here know any beta testers on AJ? Cuz that would be awesome if you did. lawl :P
What does lawl stand for?
I dunno. I guess it's like "lol" but it's "lawl" and it doesn't actually stand for anything..
lolzzz means you laughed so hard that you fell asleep.
Someone told me that but i don't know if it's true. o3o

Moving on, look at THIS thingy.
3 question marks and four exclamation marks = 7 marks.

I think it is.I can't keep track of all the question and exclamation marks. o.o
WHY AM I POSTING THIS????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!??!?!?!?????????????!!!!!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!?!?????????????

^ new record for THIS blog. YESSSSS

But seriously, why am i posting this? :I

Anywho, i saw some unreleased items in the lucky party! :3
 This is a picture of a rainbow. :3
I like rainbows.
 And this is some weird picture thingy . . ?
It looks cool though.
So i hope they both come out soon! :D
The lucky party should have been different from last year though. :C

Here's some cute GIFs just for fun.

Baby meerkat
Baby meerkat. :O
*head explodes because of cuteness*
Wait, eww.
*puts brain and head back together*
I haven't done the GIFs in a while so i hope you guys missed them
Cuz who doesn't love GIFs? :D
 . . . . . 

Here's a fun fact.
There is a glacier called “Blood Falls” in Antarctica that regularly pours out red liquid, making it look like the ice is bleeding.
But don't be freaked out, cuz remember that it's NOT actual blood.
(But it would be very freaky if it was. o-o)

Well bye for now! :D


  1. YOU FORGOT THE QOTP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :O OMG This is also my first lucky day on AJ!

  2. E . E There are many beta testers in Jamaa.


  3. The items in the Lucky day party that are unreleased look so cool and historic. BTW you forgot the question of the post... Now what am i supposed to answer?

  4. Heyo. Guys. I think that instead of the Question of the Post, Cloud decided to do Fact of the Post. As a substitute. So yeah. That's what I think. K.

    That glacier is bleeding. Since when do glaciers have blood?! Jk, it's not blood.how did the water turn red though?! Magic....0.0

    The gifts are so CUTEEE :3

    1. ^ Correct. :3 Usually, i either do QOTP, a Mini-Challenge, or a cool fact. lol :P

      I heard the reason why it's bleeding is because there's iron in it, and when it comes in contact with air, it rusts.

      So that's pretty cool :3

  5. *dies of cuteness from gifs*


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