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Cosmo's story

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Chapter one

The blackness turned to red.

Cosmo's eye's flickered open, to see his little sister - called Frost staring down at him.
Frost was an albino koala, her fur white as winter and her eyes as bright red as a cherry.

"About time!" She growled. "I figured out how to weave plant leaves."

Cosmo groaned. "Can't you show me later? Im feeling sluggish."

"No, i want you to see it NOW!" 

"Ok." Cosmo replied. He knew the answer anyway, since Frost did not have any patience at all.

Frost quickly turned around and clambered down the tree trunk.

Cosmo followed - going down more slowly since he knew that eucalyptus bark was prone to peeling off and falling down. In fact, his sister had got hit on her head by pieces of eucalyptus bark so many times, but she still did not listen to Cosmo's warnings.

They where both on the forest floor now, but Frost was a few meters ahead of Cosmo. He started sprinting, to catch up. The undergrowth got thicker, and his ears started twitching to flick away the mosquitoes which where trying to bite him. In the horizon, he could see a small body of water.
Going to the pond, i guess. He thought.
By the time he caught up, Frost was already standing next the to pond and behind a spiked plant.

"You're a slow runner." She said.

"What do you expect? I just woke up!"

Without replying, Frost turned around and plucked off some leaves which where growing on the spiked bush.

"Oh no. Not HER again."

"Who said that?!" Cosmo looked around nervously. It wasn't his sister, since her voice was high-pitched.

"You're going crazy." Frost hissed. She was already weaving the two leaves together. "Look at me!"
Cosmo tried to concentrate on her weaving. but he was sure he heard something.

"Im lucky that im too small for her to see."

Cosmo turned around again. Was he having hallucations?

"Cosmo, why aren't you looking?"

He turned his attention to Frost's weaving again. He had to admit that she was pretty good.
"Done!" She said.
"Are you gonna go now?" Cosmo replied.
"Yeah, whatever. You're never interested in anything."
Frost ran back again.

When Cosmo was sure that Frost was gone, he shouted - but not too loudly - "Who was that?"

"M-me." Whimpered a voice.
"No stop! Be quiet! They're not meant to find out!" Another voice whispered sharply.

Cosmo was more confused then ever. What where those voices?
"Im sorry." It was the same voice that whimpered again."
Cosmo knelt down, following the source of the sound. but all he could find was a small lemon seedling."

"No." He sighed. "I really am going crazy."

"No you aren't."
It was coming from the lemon seedling again.
"I told you to shut up!"
This time, it came from the spiked plant.

"We do talk, but no one can hear us. Except for you i guess." It came from the seedling again.

"Wait. Plants. Can. Talk?" Cosmo questioned.

"I guess . . ? I mean, no one every hears us anyway. Why do you hear us?" The seedling asked.
"I dunno." Cosmo shrugged.

"Great. Now everyone's gonna take us as prisoners" The spiked plant whispered.

"What? No, im not gonna do that. I just wanna find out if this is true, or a dream."

"This is real." The seedling replied.

Suddenly, Cosmo felt strange. He felt overwhelmed.
"I-Im sorry."
He quicky turned around and ran away, and didn't look back until he reached the eucalyptus tree he had slept in in the morning. He climbed up, and clang onto a thick branch, closing his eyes tightly.
This has to be a dream! He thought.
It's impossible . . 
He closed his eyes tighter to wake up. Nothing happened. He pinched himself with his claws.
Still nothing.

Chapter 2
"Cosmo, what on Earth are you doing?"
It was Frost again.
"N-nothing . . nothing. Im f-fine." Cosmo stammered.
Frost narrowed her eyes. "I know when something is up. Don't think that im stupid."

"I can talk to plants!" Cosmo blurted out.

Frost just rolled her eyes. "You gotta be kidding me."

"I can hear what they're saying, Frost. I know it sounds stupid, butplease help me make sense of this." He replied.

"Fine, fine. You really do seem worried, or perhaps you're just a really good actor. But im tired right now."

Frost clung onto another branch and fell asleep.
Cosmo just stared blankly at the bark for a few moments.

"I always knew this anyway."

"Wha-? Are you talking to me?" Cosmo said to the eucalyptus. 

"Yes, i am. I know lots of things about you. Like the fact that you where destined to be an Alpha."
The tree replied.

"Alpha?" Cosmo echoed.

"Nevermind all that, ha-"

"Do you have a name?" Cosmo interrupted.

"Twig." The tree replied.
Cosmo examined him. He was rather skinny and tall.
"Anyways, have you heard of Chomper plants?" Twig said.

"They used to grow a long time ago. They where pretty useful plants, eating phantoms and all that. But they disappeared a long time ago. However, there is a potion to make them again, but we plants can't do that since we don't have arms, and since you can understand plants, it would be helpful if you did do that."

"Of course," Cosmo said, "But what are phantoms?"

"They are dark creatures made of of shadows. They used to live in these forests a long time ago, but they somehow disappeared into another world."

So confusing . . Cosmo thought. But he didn't want to ask any more questions.

"Listen carefully. These are the ingredients you need to make the plants." Twig said.

Tomatoes, strawberries . . .

It took a few minuets for him to say them all. But Cosmo strangely remembered them all, and set out to find the necessary ingredients.


"Is this good?" Cosmo asked.
"It's great," Twig replied, "Now crush then with your hands, and mix them up."
Cosmo got an empty coconut shell and started crushing, and mixing them up.

The gloopy liquid suddenly has small seeds inside it. They grew bigger.
How strange . . Cosmo thought.
When he was done, all that was left where lots of large seeds.

"Good!" Twig said. "Now throw one into the soil."

And cosmo did. As the seed touched the floor, it exploded which made Cosmo jump. But out of the soil, a large plant which looked like a venus flytrap emerged.

"Great job!" Twig said. "Now go back to sleep."

Cosmo was too amazed to reply, so he climbed up Twig and closed his eyes.
Chapter 3
Cosmo's footsteps squelched under the wet, muddy ground. He couldn't see where he was going, since the dark forest was covered with mist.
Where am i? He thought.
He wanted to get away from this place, but his instincts told him to keep going, and so he did.
A small flicker of blue flame caught his eyeHe slowly walked closer to it, feeling the air around him getting warmer and warmer, until finally, there it was right in front of him.
Blue flames, alight by a campfire, flicked gently in the breeze. This didn't seem like any flame -  It was beautiful. He lend out a paw and touched it. It didn't burn, And feeling of warmth surged through him, as the flames burst into a magnificent blue heron. Her eyes where a shining dark blue, her wings flapping powerfully. Cosmo was absoloutly amazed.

"Greetings. I am Mira, ruler of a land called Jamaa. Jamaa is a place where different species of animals live together in peace, however a dark force has broken that piece.
Phantoms invaded Jamaa, stealing, destroying Jamaa. You have proven yourself worthy of being the new Alpha by creating the long-lost Chomper Plants."

"But, Mira, what is an Alpha?" Cosmo asked.
An Alpha is the leader of a certain animal species. Alphas protect Jamaa, fighting against the deadly phantoms. You have been choosen to be one."
The blue heron lifted a wing and revealed a glowing, blue portal.
"Are you ready?" She asked.
Cosmo nodded. He knew everything was going to be fine, somehow.
He walked towards the portal and closed his eyes


  1. Awesome! Can't wait to see how Cosmo can hear the plants! :D


  2. Wow I love this, Could you do a full continuing story for each alpha? and then maybe after a while some regular jammers in jamma

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    1. anoynymos was me on my iPad im lucky55568 :)

  4. gift me im digimongugu


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