Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Stereotypes . .


Yep, this is gonna be another rant thingy. :/
But, just . . 


You know stereotypes? When people assume you act like this or do specific things based on your looks?

I noticed that it's (unfortunately) on AJ as well. :c

But anyways, there's many different stereotypes on AJ. Have you noticed how people think that jammers with popular animals (wolves, foxes etc)  are stuck-up and only care about themselves?

Just no.

Only because they have a popular animal, it does not mean every jammer is like that! You can meet a jammers with a less popular animal who is snobby and only cares about rares, or you could meet a jammer with a popular as their animal who is friendly and caring.

Honestly, it doesn't matter which animal you are. Anyone can be anything, and we shouldn't think that just because someone uses an arctic wolf, they are stuck-up or anything like that.

Sometimes, people also just hate certain animals because they're everywhere.
The reason why they're popular is because a majority of jammers like them, so it's expected for them to be everywhere. - but don't just hate a jammer because she/he owns a certain animal.

Sometimes, the opposite happens. People think unpopular animals are immature, not rare or gullible.


It doesn't matter what animal you have. If you have a more unpopular animal as your main animal, then don't feel like you have to change your animal. If you like that animal, then that's fine. If you like a more popular animal, then that's also fine.

Also, another situation similar to that is if you wear lots of rares, you are also rude and arrogant, or care only about rares.
Most people think this when the jammer wears headdresses, spikes or beards, since they're more rare items.

It's okay if you like how rares look, and it's okay if you want to dress up your animals in rares.
People can wear whatever they want to, and can express themselves by doing so.

And on the other hand, there's some jammers who think that if you're a nonmember people think you're "un-rare" 

What's the matter if you're un-rare? 

We should not judge people by their rareness. Sure, rares might look cool but that's it.
Rare and un-rare jammers are the same. ;3

 Unfortunately, nonmembers also think that members think they're "better than the others" or "care only about rares"

It makes me sad to see nonmembers and members stereotyping each other like that, because it doesn't matter if you're a nonmember or not. All members did was just pay a bit more money to get features.
Other then that, that's it. 

That's about most of the stereotypes i can think of . .  do you have more? Have you ever been stereotyped?
Always remember that we shouldn't judge people on their looks or their actions.

Bye for now! ≧ω≦


  1. I'm glad that someone agrees with me. I thought I was the only one who realized that. These stereotypes keep showing again and again. Even if we work together to stop this, there will always be a few people that judge others just by the way they look. But sometimes, these stereotypes are true. I don't have any examples but I've seen stories of mostly members being mean to nonmembers and rare people being greedy and mean to nonrare people.*claps* Well done with your speech, Cloud! C'est magnifique!


  2. That is a nice post about Stereotypes. Too bad people are so rude...

  3. I agree, sometimes people act like that sometimes they don't. Another stereotype I noticed was that non-rare people are less than 10 years old and really gullible. Another is that scam catchers are less than 10 years old.

  4. I'm a girl, but I have boy animals too. GIRLS have actually asked to date me on AJ. I know, it's weird that some of my animals are boys, but just because I'm a girl doesn't mean I have to have girl animals. I think it's stupid that they want to date me in the first place! SURE, my animals are cool-looking, but this is a KIDS GAME!!! YOU SHOULDN'T DATE ON A KIDS GAME!!!!!! I'm a kid myself! *sighs* Well, that's my preaching for today!

  5. It's true, lots of jammers are trying to support non members. But seriously, what if it does affect member animals? I mean, they say non members are better than member animals. Uh oh. It's really offensive to members then. Maybe we don't have to do something as an election or whatever just to be fair. We can just say a simple speech ( not repetitive ) that members and non members can remember. Very simple.

    While other times, member jammers create new accounts and put on all their good stuff on their new non member account that way they can have awesome non member items! Seriously. Why do that? Just because the item is in store doesn't mean is beta or something else. Just make good use of it. Enough for today. I already ranted a lot just because lots of kids at my school was crossing the muddy and gloopy ditch. ( you know, that creek thing )

    Therefore, we shouldn't complain about our items. Just as Cloud mentioned ( related anyways )


  6. AGREED! I have never experienced people saying stuff like that, and I go around as a fox, raccoon, and penguin and seal sometimes! I'm glad I HAVEN"T seen it yet too! I never knew people were judging by the ANIMALS, yes, I knew about the rares situation, and it breaks my heart that people judge others like THAT!!! Please let's all help Jammers to NOT get scammed and hacked, NOT get bullied, and NOT get judged by an ANIMAL MADE OUT OF PIXELS! Please!

  7. And I ALSO agree with Mitchy Yip!! Well said!

  8. *reads post and what everyone has to say about it (aka the comments)*
    Ah yes. True, true...

  9. Really true D:
    I've been trying to explain a few people and explain dat everyone is equal. But noooooope, them just ignore me eue

    "Where did rare wolf go?"
    "No idea dude"
    Waaaaaa- I'm right in front of you :c

    Then I've seen extremely, extremely annoying members. I mean really, person said something I don't remember and then this member dude?
    "...Says the nonmember." Really o.o?

    Bai my cookies
    *Throws cookies to everyone*

  10. lnfinityhorse AJ2 April 2015 at 20:05

    Does ANYONE know anything about the horse topiary, not the lit one, just the plain one? Thanks!


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