Friday, 6 March 2015

Lucky Clovers Adventure Tutorial

Hello! :D
Yus, i shall be doing another adventure tutorial.
cuz why not?
We have a new adventure, don't we? :P
So you meet a koala called Patrick in the beginning, but we all know about that from my last post, don't we? C:
There's this epic treasure thingy in the center.
 So to open the EPIIIC treasure you have to find an EPIIIIIIIC key.
It looks epic too. And bootiful. c:
That rainbow though.
It just . . fades off.
Or maybe it's just not visible cuz of the lighting and stuffz. :P
It you move around, the other half is still invisible.
So it's a half invisible rainbow.
Is that even possible? :T
I know there's something called an ice bow. It's a colorless version of a rainbow and happens in polar regions.
Awesome, isn't it? :3

And apparently, there's been a new hybrid of clovers growing in Jamaa.
I will call it the Great Heart-shaped clover due to it's heart shaped leaves and it's huge size. c:
It's scientific name is Trifolium corde magno. (I used google translate XD)
I just named a new species of plant.
Im a scientist omg
 Anyone can name a plant, right? :P
Also, strange thing is, i have NEVER seen a heart clover with four leaves.
ONLY white clovers.
The paths are made out of gold though.
 wow. O_O

Also, be warned that the keys look like normal clovers, but they aren't.
They're usually hidden in clover patches, so that they blend it.
So look closely in clover patches. :P
Eh. Whateves. Let's just open the gift. C:
O dats a great treasure so awesome it's a miracle *applaud*
(it was sarcasm by the way.)

I keep getting gems. All the time. :c
I have never gotten an item.
Is this just me?
Or do you only get gems until you open the EPIIIIC treasure?

Im not gonna bother doing that.
So frustrating D:<
It's hard to get four jammers at once, because someone usually gives up and leaves. (And sometimes, that someone is you. :P)

However, i have come across a very cute looking den. :3
I hope it's sold in the den stores soon.
Notice how i said den stores and NOT the diamond shop. :I
I dun care if it's small.
It would be great if nonmember dens where like this. (It would be a little too small though . . )
Maybe there could be two land nonmember dens? :D

I noticed strange outlines of clovers.
 Maybe they light up when you jump on the circles or something
I haven't jumped on one cuz im too lazy. :T
But there's five clovers.
Can anyone in here work out the meaning of this?
Maybe it's leftover from sketches and stuff?

Guess what?

I have met a deer called "Fiona" c:
 Photobomb. o3o
 Maybe the keys that are difficult to reach are the ones with the rainbow slide thingy?
Or maybe they're the ones where the jammers hop. Wait, to get the keys you have to hop on the circles and you somehow go up the rainbow slide thingy?
Just a guess though. :I

*continues doing adventure*

First, gigantic clovers and now frogs.
It's nearly as big as me! O_O
And it's croaks are so loud.
But it's friendly though. And plus it has puppy-dog eyes. :3
so cuute

I shall name this species the Giant Tree frog, and i don't want to do the scientific name. o3o

Anyways, I met another jammer along the way. :P
Why is there green flames? O_O
Is it acidic? Or radioactive?
Cuz lime green usually means something is toxic.
Not good :c
Oooh so i guess this is a horseshoe factory or something.
Still no expanation on the green flames.

I have to exit the adventure. *sigh*
I would have done more, but i need to go.
So bye! 
What did you think of the adventure?


  1. You get a item only from the Epic Treasure, not those little chests xD

    This adventure made me rich o.o. 7 Times? 35,00+ gems xD

    And a person just traded me a Rare Claw for my fox hat..?
    I asked were they seriously serious about it and "Yuup".
    Well eh

    1. Ohhh so it IS only in the epic chest.
      Sorta disappointing, cause that means you have to wait 1 hour. :c
      But you do get rich though. XD
      im gonna be rich yay o3o

    2. xD Yus be the richest person in the gameeeee
      My gem record is something like 95,000, then I had the horrible need to spend them xD

      There should be a most gems scoreboard thing :o
      Which would actually show to username.

    3. lolz pplz add meh meh username is sarah77788

    4. lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  2. Ugh. I did the adventure yesterday -.-

    Waste of time.

    Couldn't bare it Dx

    Very true...

    I will try again later since my friends are coming :D


  3. I just commented 1 min after you Cloud o3o

    Very strange what happens x3


  4. i finished the adventure but it glitched out and didn't give me my epic key!!! i cried for ages ;o;
    1. the 5 clovers pop up into stairs when 4 jammers hop on them.
    2. the "horseshoe factory" is a blacksmith's forge where they heat metal and pound it into stuff, like horseshoes. the green flames are not radioactive they're green because of -st paddy's- lucky day. the lucky sconce (adventure item) has green flames too.

    1. It glitched out on me, also. I found 50 clover keys, and opened 50 chests, but received no epic key. What a waste of 2 plus hours of my time. Gah!

  5. Cloud, there is a new armor set in the diamond shop. Just telling ya cause we are friends :3 Hope I can see you in AJ before I leave to universal, disney, sea world and a huge resort on tuesday. Bai, Cloud!

    -From your friend, Smart06703

  6. ummmmmmm byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee sorry I am so bored now

  7. Just doing the adventure right now trying to find hints e3e This guide is pretty good though .u.

  8. You do get items in the small chests, and you also only need to have 2 jammers on the clover things. XP

  9. Oh yeah, and I have my own blog! Here is link....


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