Saturday, 14 March 2015


Hai. :3
Guess what day it is?
March 14th.
So that means it's . . . 
Also, pi day is special because it occurs only once a century.

Time to check out Jam-mart furniture for cool stuff :3
In this row, we have the Pi table, Giant stone Pi, and the most awesomest one . . 

No wait, the stone pi may be the awesomest, because there are vines wrapping around the statue in other versions. :3
*sigh* Now im confused.
I'll just go for the stone pi cuz it's bigger. :D

^ (what an amazing reason. *applaud*)

 lol sarcasm wait wut.

Have you ever been so sarcastic that people thought you where being serious? :I
It's so awkward when that happens owo

 But im not calling the pi table awesome though. :c
Cuz pi pie and stone pi are better. That's what i think though. o3o

Pi table looks cute though. :3

I think it would look good on balconies or something.
*buys all of them like crazy*

Here is the second row of PI items. c:

The items are Pi Strand, Pi rug, and the Pi decoration.
Am i meant to type Pi in capitals?
idk. :I 
Im just gonna type Pi in capitals cuz it looks better.
^ (again, what an amazing reason.)
I don't like the Pi decoration, it looks like a shield or something. o-o 
The Pi rug is berry cute though. :3
Blargh, typo. :I

^ lol randomness. XP

Anyways, there's a brand new experiment from the AJ academy! :3

I think i'll try doing that next time i go to the beach. ^-^
Have you tried it?
I wonder what happens to the rocks and animals if you do swish it around. :P
Do they . . uhhh . . get swished around? o-o
What is so amazing that happens?
Has anyone reading this post actually try this? O_O

^ so many questions. owo

Also, this random as well but you STILL can't type sorry in Jam-A-Grams.
Seriously, AJHQ? -.-
I need to say sorry, not sour eye or something ridiculous like that.
Also, these jam-a-grams are still in beta testing.
In fact, they have been in beta testing for years now.
I just generally don't like JAGS because of the chat system and the fact that they have been in Beta testing for such a long time now.


Anyways, here's Chapter 3 of Cosmo's story! :3

Chapter 3
Cosmo's footsteps squelched under the wet, muddy ground. He couldn't see where he was going, since the dark forest was covered with mist.
Where am i? He thought.
He wanted to get away from this place, but his instincts told him to keep going, and so he did.
A small flicker of blue flame caught his eyeHe slowly walked closer to it, feeling the air around him getting warmer and warmer, until finally, there it was right in front of him.

Blue flames, alight by a campfire, flicked gently in the breeze. This didn't seem like any flame -  It was beautiful. He lend out a paw and touched it. It didn't burn, And feeling of warmth surged through him, as the flames burst into a magnificent blue heron. Her eyes where a shining dark blue, her wings flapping powerfully. Cosmo was absoloutly amazed.

"Greetings. I am Mira, ruler of a land called Jamaa. Jamaa is a place where different species of animals live together in peace, however a dark force has broken that piece.
Phantoms invaded Jamaa, stealing, destroying Jamaa. You have proven yourself worthy of being the new Alpha by creating the long-lost Chomper Plants."

"But, Mira, what is an Alpha?" Cosmo asked.
An Alpha is the leader of a certain animal species. Alphas protect Jamaa, fighting against the deadly phantoms. You have been choosen to be one."

The blue heron lifted a wing and revealed a glowing, blue portal.
"Are you ready?" She asked.
Cosmo nodded. He knew everything was going to be fine, somehow.
He walked towards the portal and closed his eyes.


So that was it! :D
Did you enjoy it? :3

Before going, here's the QOTP!

Why do Diamond Shop animals have to wait a while before getting their Alphas, and the normal animals get theirs instantly?
Bye for now!

Yes, im editing this post. Here's a bunch of pi's to celebrate.
π π π π π π π π π π π π π π π π


  1. I dunno why with diamond animals.

    No srisly. U O U

    Just woke up, and it's....MARCH BREAK!!! My Bday is coming up AwA so yeah.

    Pi. Pie. Pi. Pie. I like the table :3

    Anyways, I don't like the beta testing Jags either. I mean, I wanna type SORRY but it's not allowing! I think AJHQ made sorry be okay once...I dunno. >.<


    First comment x3


    1. Cool your bdays coming up! You might wanna buy some pi pie to eat! XD

  2. ALL NONMEMEBER!!!!! gtg swim class

  3. Omg Yayz! Its PI day!! Also I have no idea why the diamond shop animals wait a long time to have an alpha. Maybe because they are still deciding it.. IDK

    1. Yup, ajhq is slow. *gasp*...maybe they're snails!!!! Or turtles!!!!! DUN DUN DUNNN....

  4. Lol, you should've known that I would have a lot of questions about the story!
    1. What happened to Frost?
    2. How does Cosmo have never-ending supplies to make chomper plants?
    3. Does he ever speak to those plants back home?
    4. This has nothing to do whatsoever with the topic, but what happened to Zios???!!!!!
    5. Were these questions hard for ya? ;D


    1. 1. If you read Greely's story, in the end all of his relatives come to Jamaa whenGREELY comes to Jamaa. It's the same with all Alphas so don't worry about them feeling lonely. :P
      2. Cuz cosmo grows the supplies in his home . .(remember Meet Cosmo? :3)
      3.Cosmo doesn't speak to the same plans but he speaks to other plants, which teach him even more
      4. Idk. I wrote a Big mystery about it though :/
      5. nah they where easy. o-o

    2. Dang it, there's so many grammer mistakes in my comment. XD

      (not your one 5yoyo5)

  5. Replies
    1. PIIIIIIIIEEEEEEE 🍰 <(if my pie emoji doesn't show up, I will be sad.)

  6. Hmm, good question! I personally think the the Alpha of Diamond Shop animals should be there BEFORE the species arrives, to welcome them, you know? Or wait... uh, does that make sense??? Oh nvm, let's just say it does! XD! In Jam A Grams, to replace "sorry" I usually just put "sort he" cuz it is closest you can get I think...


  8. When you said that was it, did you mean that was.... THE END? :O
    Also I have a question. How do you do the Pi symbol? I think they wait awhile because they report they're coming out soon, then they come out in the diamond shop, and because they're rare, they have to think of a good Alpha for the animal, so it can be just as rare. Bye Jammers and CloudClaws! (Check ur email cloud i sent something for river art)



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