Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Painters . . . scaffolding?

I need to go in 10 mins.
So i better get going. BUT IM STUCK >:C
I have that writers block thingy again. Im so sorry but . . 

Now it's cured yay :D
Why do i get cured if i just type random letters?
wooooow what
The new item is probably another art studio one. :3
 AND IM PROVEN RIGHT AGAIN! Im definitely a fortune teller. Im so smrt hueheehe

Anyways, scaffolding.
So weird.
Sounds like "scalding" or "scruffy."
scaffolding scaffolding scaffolding.
Such an awkward word. :I
I searched up scaffolding on the internet and this is what i got.
So uhm . . okaaaaay?
 I guess the metal parts look like a "scaffolding" :I
I don't know "advanced" words cuz english isn't my first language. lawl.
Anyways, im gonna buy the painters "scaffolding," cuz it looks so pretty. :3
*recycles IMMEDIATELY* 
ooohh now i have my gems back. My beautiful gems.
I only have 5 mins left now.


(You saw that coming, didn't you? :I)

I wonder if we have another new item though.
*checks a zillion shops*

*sighs with relief* FINALLY!
Does this remind anyone of the Little Mermaid?
Nu? Yes? Maybe?
Its a returning item, and im bored cuz it's a returning item. :c
So many different tridents though.

I had to post it. so srry.
why am i "srry?"

Anyways. here are some racoon GIFs! :3
 The 18 Most Important Raccoon-Related GIFs On The Internet 
The 18 Most Important Raccoon-Related GIFs On The Internet 
The 18 Most Important Raccoon-Related GIFs On The Internet  
The 18 Most Important Raccoon-Related GIFs On The Internet 
 The 18 Most Important Raccoon-Related GIFs On The Internet 
Racoons seem very smart. I think that's true. idk.

Here's a fun fact :3
A snail would take 220 hours to crawl one mile.
Yes, that's how slow they are. :T
I like snails. They're cute.
(Don't ask . . )

And lastly, the QOTP! :3
Would you bring back rares on AJ? Why/why not?


  1. I dunno, maybe would bring back some of the rares and definetly the diamond shop non-rare spikes too.. Some people play only for rares and to be super rare and stuff like this, so some of these people would probably quit. Maybe bring back the top hats because everyone shall experience the epicness of them xD

    Scaffolding? Never even knew that existed.. Had no idea it's a word.. What is it.. AHHH SO MANY THINGS I DON'T KNOW

    Oh and guysguysguuuyss
    I won le Rare Spartan Armor from the clover thing.
    Now I'm not sure should I wear it or my worn..
    It fits my colors better, but I married dat worn D=<
    ..wait what
    Kay anyways
    Sooooo which should I wear? xD

    1. is it a black worn? if so wear that if not the spartan armor will be good if you want to show off if you dont want to show off then if the worn is not black wear that sorry for no commas i need some but i have to be quick :)

    2. Da worn is brown :3
      I'll wear da spartan armor until I get a black or red worn xD

  2. Yesh, nu...maybe so? Dunno about the rares too. Very very picky ppl who want rares. So, maybe bring back the _referring to the bad ones_ Ah yes. bring back the bad ones x3 Okay, not that bad ones, but still. No spikes. No headdresses. The list is endless. :O

    I KNEW THAT SCAFFOLDING WOULD COME OUT! ( Though I didn't know the name x3 ) Lemme see what I'll do with it. Nothing.

    Total bad. ( what am I referring to anyways? )


  3. i would bring back maybe a few every year like the rare headress since that is in demand TROLOLOLOL i would be like and now your betas was for nothing! ha. sorry but some rude jammer in jamaa township wanted one and when i said i didnt have one he said i will give you 4 rare black long spikes (he was nm) if you just send it to me and then he realized oh you dont have it? then take this and punched me and started to 'beat' me up LOL i have no tolerence for those things so i won da fight and he was blocked and reported when i looked up his user in a few day BINGO he was reported and they had trailed him XDDD well sorry for the long comment but i tghink it would be best just for the new members and stuff . THZ CLOUDCLAWS ....-PETZ52LUV

  4. Whoa there. You post about cute raccoons and my friend talked about wanting a pet raccoon in school today. (My other friend said she got killed in her dream by being squished by a giant spider. O.O)

    Scaffolding. Perhaps it sounds like a like scab you fold.
    Wait, that's not it... X3

    Eww, I have to do some more research now eww. Ewwwweewwwwweeeeeewwwwwww

    1. Wait, no. Correction! My friend got killed in her dream by a giant tarantula who's exactly 500000 times her size. And then a giant snake ate her whole. My OTHER crazy irl friend had a pet raccoon in her dream. She was so sad when she realized she doesn't actually have a pet raccoon. Only chickens and more chickens. ;3

      Unfortunately, they had no dreams where they got eaten alive by a snail or polar bear. Very unfortunate indeed. :(

      Dancing polar bears, huh? I once saw a dancing black bear (unexpectedly dancing black bear) at a zoo.

      And then my OTHER friend sounded like a giraffe. And my classmate sounded like a dying horse in band class today.


  5. Ok, here is my answer for the QQTP...
    No! I think bringing back rare items, such as the rare Cupcake Hat, spoils the fun of earning rares! I mean, if its's CALLED RARE, it should actually BE RARE, not a really lame, buyable item! Some of y'all may not agree, and that's okay, but I am just voicing my opinion here! :b :D

  6. scaffolding is used to raise and lower people like if you're painting a mural on the wall and you need to get to the ceiling you get on the scaffolding and raise yourself up.

  7. I love the cartoon of your scaffolding. It is really cool to see it in a different dimension that I normally do. You seem to show every real aspect of what a scaffolding really does look like. Well done.

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