Sunday, 22 March 2015

New pets + Aviator hats

Hello jammers! :D
Anyone on Spring break yet? I will be on Autumn break in around 2 weeks. yay! c:
Unfortunately, the holiday is only 2 weeks as well, but at least it's 14 days, right? :3
I mean, 14 days is a long time . . sort of? No?
I wish it could have been 4 weeks or something. What about we have 6 month holidays, twice a year? :D
Oh wait. That would mean no school . . 

What about there are no such thing as jobs or school and we just buy whatever we want? :D
But then everything would go out of stock way too quickly and people would get angry . .  
Let's just keep stuff the way it is for now. o-o
(Except for more holidays . .? plz :c)

Let's move onto the new item! :3
It's sold in Jam-Mart clothing because hats are clothing items.
What's the point if it's just lying around in your den? :P

I remember when this used to be one of my favorite items. I just thought it looked cute. Don't ask. XD

*checks through inventory*
Oh. It seems as if i recycled it. :c
Idk. Why did i recycle it? It still seems like a cute item to me. Maybe because i got new items for my animals? 
But it would have been fun to keep it . . cuz it looks cute . . and i like to hoard clothing items . . which is why i have over 200 items . . "^.^

Blergh. Im just gonna re-buy it. :3
(If that's not a word, then it HAS to be. >:U)
 Hmm . . it looks a little awkward to me now. :P
But the more you look at it, the better it looks. Weird. o-o
Some stuff also get worser the more you look at it.
Why is it like that? Maybe it's because in reality, the item is actually ugly/pretty? So that means the aviator hat is pretty?


I have a tendency to think about weird things like "why do viruses exist" and stuff like that. Most of you probably noticed by now. XD

Has anyone else wondered weird random thoughts about stuff? :T

Anyways, i was checking out the lion minbook thingy and i noticed this little guy on the front page.

^ More emotes!! YASSS
It's a tiny warthog.
Do you know what tiny animals means on AJ?
It means they are pets! :D
Cuz normal Arctic wolves= HUGE but pet arctic wolves = TINY

Because, LOGIC. *derpy face*

So could pet warthogs me coming out in the future? :3
It looks cute, but i don't think it would be very popular because no one really seems to like warthogs. :c
poor warthogs. :C
I think they look sorta cool, because they are pigs with tusks. :D
So elephant + pig = WARTHOG!

Also, beaver + duck = PLATYPUS!
Platypuses are very strange animals. O_O
I heard when first discovered, people didn't actually believe this existed and some random guy had sewed on other animal parts to a beaver. But of course, that turned out to be fake.
Since i included a picture of a platypus, here's a picture of a warthog! :3
Warthogs also look a tiny bit like a horse, because they have a small mane thingy at the top of their heads. :P

Another possible new pet i noticed was a meerkat! :3
I think this would be more popular, because so many people love meerkats. :D
Also, meerkats look a tiny tiny bit like cats. Cuz of their ears.

All these possible pets seem to have parts of other animals. o-o
 They also look a bit like lemmings.
They also look a bit like dogs.

Conclusion: Meerkats are a mixed up species of many animals.

^ LOGIC. *does derpy face again*
Also, i forgot to mention that they look a little like humans, because they stand up.
And they can also smile. Sort of. XD

Here's a cute GIF of a monkey who wants a hug URGENTLY
And then the other is like: *runs fast*
And then the both hug each other very tightly.
So cute. :3 
(Also a little funny for some reason . . idk.)
Funny-cute. :P

Chu want another GIF? Im gonna post it anyway.
(But who can say no to cute animals? :3)
He thinks it's actually a real squirrel. XD
So he's like: *creeps up silently* Act natural . . *steals a thingy*

And then this other random squirrel jumps out of nowhere and ambushes the plushie. 
The ending is very surprising though.

Guys, i think have have an addiction to doing these true-or-false thingies. 
I love doing them. O_O
And i must do one for today as well! :3

Yesterday's answer was . . . 

Dolphins don't exactly have names like we do, but they call each other by different sounds. :3
 Good job to everyone who got them correct! :D (There was actually a fair bit of people . . )
Here is the third round of "True or false?"
True or false?
Rats laugh when tickled.

Good luck! :D Today's question is a little harder in case some of you want something more challenging. :3


  1. I'm glad that the aviator hats are back because I tried to make a costume of one with non-matching colours. I bought the colour that I wanted, yay!

    :( It's true, many people think pigs or anything near there are stupid. I think they're cute because they're tiny and chubby! When you went to the meerkat, I thought of Timone and Pumbaa, the meerkat and warthog from the Lion King. XD I think they would make great animals! I wish AJ would make more African animals since Appondale needs a little more attention.

    FUN FACT: Did you know that warthogs is similar to Hogwarts (from Harry Potter)? Put "wart" behind "hog" from the word "warthog" to get "Hogwart" but then add the "s" at the end! Hogwarts! :D

    Me and my mother LOVE monkeys/apes. I should show her this GIF to her and maybe she will be adored!

    That plushie is a master of disguise, even the first squirrel didn't know that the "squirrel" is made out of cotton and fluff! But that second squirrel is like a ninja! It jumped right on the plushie as if it knew that it wasn't a squirrel which is actually true!

    Hmm... I don't really know about this true/false question. I DO know that monkeys/apes laugh when tickled but rodents like rats? Ugh... I would guess true since I saw a laughing rat but I'm not sure if it WAS tickled...


    1. O-o that is a long comment . .
      I don't know how 2 reply cuz there's so much subjects. XD
      I guess i should organize it like Pengy's comment. o3o

      1. Pigs ARE cute, but when they get dirty from rolling around in the mud, they look sorta icky . .o-o
      2. Yess. AJHQ needs more animals from africa! D: Maybe they can make the meerkat an animal instead? :3
      3. That is a cool fact. :D (Is it weird i never read or watched harry potter?)
      4.Yay! i love monkeys/apes too. :3 They are so cute as pets!
      5. Yup. lol I love the ninja squirrel. XD

  2. First things first: This was a long post
    Second things second: I have about 70 clothing items
    Third things third: I have no clue why I'm organizing my comment this way
    Fourth things fourth: I hope those animals become pets! :3 Though we have lots of diamond shop ones Dx
    Fifth things fifth: I sometimes end up typing my username as "Please01" Which is weird O.o
    Sixth things sixth: Sorry for not commenting yesterday, I slept in -.-
    Seventh things seventh: I forget what I was just about to say ^.^
    Eighth things eighth: >Derpy face<
    Ninth things ninth: No laggy GIFs this time :D


    Tenth things tenth: I researched it up and it said rats are ticklish >:3 So...I assume it's true



    1. That is a very organized comment. X3
      But you're not allowed to research the true or false thingy up. So you sort of cheated . . (Please don't be offended cuz im not trying to be offensive. D:)

    2. All I did was just go typing random x3 though I did kinda cheat

  3. Your posts are so long over there xD

    The aviator hat looks good on foxes :3
    I just got a rare one from Lucky Clovers yesterday though. But I like themmmm *Buys all*

  4. Last things last: very quiet xD

    1. ikr D: Why is the comment section so quiet, and then other times tons of people come here? It's OUT OF CONTROL XD

  5. OMG I WANT A PET MEERKAT!I love the GIFs too! And, TRUE, rats DO laugh when tickled (I think, I'm pretty sure...)
    Lol! And, O.O I'M ON THE COMMENTERS!! WOOO HOOOO! Keep it up Cloudclaws, I love your funny posts!

  6. Omg I know a lot of interesting facts because I like to read the national geographic books and they fill me up with information like a burrito... lol anyways, I'm guessing it's true because I've never heard the answer to this question before. Also, maybe they will come out with those pets. Also another tiny animal in a minibook is the Arctic fox.

  7. false I Love meercat manor SO MUCH CUTTNESS!!!


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