Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Spring Throne

Hai! :D
School is tiring me out so much these days.
I don't think i can function properly anymore. :I
I just wanna sleep in every day
^ But that is not happening. :C

ew school eww

At least we have another amazing item to make up for the terrible RIM. :3
This is apparently sold in treetop gardens, but it looks like something from Epic Wonders. Yay for springtime though. :3

Aaand meanwhile in the southern hemisphere, the weather is starting to get chilly. (Although today was warm.)

Weellll uuhhm let's just write about how awesome this item is. :D
This item is awesome because it has vines and other nature-y stuff wrapping around it, which makes it look generally awesome. :3

And it's still awesome even if it's just a bunch of wooden logs with a bunch of vines wrapping around them.

Why do i have the terrible habit of using the same words all the time? :/
Maybe none of you noticed though. And now you noticed cuz i mentioned it.

Hmm, i have 854 gems which is almost the same as 850.
So that means if i buy it, i'll have 4 gems left.

Idk anymore.
. . . . 

Let's take a look at the Jammer Artwork! :D
Jammer Art: Phantom Flowers
Today's subject is "phantom flowers."
That's odd. Phantoms are the opposite of flowers.
Flowers = happiness
Phantoms = darkness

Some of the phantoms do look angry about being a flower though. :P

Great job to everyone who got featured! C:
Every one of those artworks are clawtastic. :D
(Is clawtastic a pun? I don't know. X3)

Remember when AJHQ's posts used to have lots of puns?
*sigh* those days . . 

 I sound like an old person now. XD

In case you had a bad day today or just generally feel stressed (Like i do at the moment. :c) here some some adorable GIFs! :D
break the rules

no gods no kings no masters
littlepawz:Hitchin’ a ride 
thepetcollective:Ever see a Chow Butterfly before?  

And now be happy by all the adorableness. <3

But i always feel like the fluffy animals get all the attention. So here's a cute picture of a tiny chameleon. :3
Those eyes tho.
So adorablezzzzz 

Reptiles and other fur-less creatures still need more attention.
Those eyes again.
im dying omg
(^ not really though so relax.) 

Look at dat adorable face.

I wanna do more, but i don't want the post to be taken over by cute animals. XD

I can't really find anything else to post about anyway though, so here's the Mini Challenge! :3
Redesign Jamaa township!
What new buildings will there be? Will it be more like an actual city, or a village? Get creative! :D


  1. Erm...

    I dunno what to comment...


    Yes, that's what I'll comment then I . I

    Merp merp merp merp merpety merp.

    Bad job to me? x3

    Once I had 0 gems xD

    It was fun :3

    Nu it wasn't.


  2. Replies
    1. P.S.S. IT'S MY BDAY!!! x3

    2. The animals are so adorable! *w*
      Happy Bday! :3
      Yeah... The comment section seems pretty abandoned here for the past few days. (Or is it just me-haha.)


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