Saturday, 21 March 2015

Sun visor and cute bunnies

Hai! :D
I was originally gonna do an early post, but stupid blogger decided not to work for 3 hours.


Ugh. Thanks for making me frustrated, blogger.
*Opens up relaxing music to relax*
 Too slow.
*Opens up fast paced music*

*People looking at me weirdly*
What? Fast paced music makes me feel better . . isn't that . . oh yeah. 
It's not normal. :I
But there must be someone out there . . right?! D:

Blerghhh let's check the new item out! C:
It's the returning Sun visor, which is sold in Jam-Mart clothing.
Ehhhh it looks awkward and cool at the same time.  

^ emotes! ^.^
Because just typing it on the keyboard is too boring. XP
It took me a huge amount of time to perfect it. (About 5 mins)

Pls give me cupcakes. Cuz im awesome for making an emote in 5 mins.

*People look at me weirdly*

Why are so many people looking at me weirdly today? >:U
Oh. Cuz im doing weird stuff. XD
For example: Asking for cupcakes because i made an emote in 5 mins.
*Crashes into tree*

*Immortal car bounces off the tree and goes back on track*

I like the stripe on the sun visor. Sun visors don't protect your head though, so it's a bad idea if you're a human. D:
But i never wear a hat and my hair is fine. (But very slightly lighter than DNA intended it to be)
Useless fact: Dna stands for deoxyribonuceleic acid. 
Another useless fact: I may have spelled deoxyribonuceleic acid wrong.

Meh whatever. At least it protects your eyes. :3
Sunglasses also do that though. Sunglasses are sold on AJ.
Animals have fur to protect their skin from the sun.

So therefor, this item is only useful for looking cool. 

I like these new emote thingies that i drew. Do you? c:
I need to make them transparent though. The whiteness is a very bad distraction. >:C
In fact, it's such a bad distraction that it's . . . a bad distraction? o_o

Moving on, i found something on the Daily explorer.
Anyone get the reference . . ?
(You know that meme thingy . . ?) O_O

I feel so weird.

There's not much stuff that's new on AJ. *sigh*
Another reminder by AJHQ. I keep forgetting about these news crew thingies. :c
But i have a feeling that AJHQ isn't taking them as seriously as they did when they first came out . . Maybe cuz AJHQ has done it so many times they're just chill  about them now. :P

Poor Appondale.
Hardly anyone ever visits there. :c
Some might say it's more boring than the other lands, but at least there's MUD! :D
*goes to appondale for the MUD!*

This is surprising.
People are actually there! O_O
I guess they got AJHQ message. :P
You know what? Im just gonna type something quick for the contest and hope i win. (I probably won't though)

*writes the report thingy*

Im gonna submit it anyway. :I
Maybe AJHQ will forgive my terrible writing. I don't know. :P

Here is a cute animal GIF just for fun.
I love how bunnies eat. :3
They're like: *Omnomnom nibble nibble*
Also, hamsters and mice eat like that too. So adorable. X3
Some people keep rats as pets, but they are fancy rats, not sewer rats so i don't find them gross. :3
In fact, fancy rats can be very cute and smart! :D

Hey, you know yesterday's "true or false" contest?
Well the answer is . . 

Dogs have better eyesight in general, however their color vision worse.
Congrats to Bluey Pie for getting it 100% correct! :D

Well since yesterday's round is over, why not do another one today? :3
True or False?

Dolphins have names for each other.

Unfortunately, that's all the time i have for now. Sorry about the short post. :c
I'll try to make a longer one tomorrow!
Good luck on the true or false contest. :D


  1. I'm gonna say false? Also I forget what I was gonna say now XD

  2. Oh YA here's some cupcakes. Hands over cupcakes

  3. the question is : almost true , they have different sounds for eachother ( with different frequensise) (i really dont care :/ XDDDDD so yeah in a way they have names! thx cloudclaws!

  4. Refrence much AJHQ xD

    Bunnehz! I had a bunny but father was allergic so we had to give her away :c

    I dunno, false? xD Finland you no teach this

  5. True. They have names with clicks & whistles
    I am good at this x3

  6. I like this post. c:

    True. They use echolocation and use different sounds when referring to each individual dolphin. So that can mean their different names- idk.

    Cloud: sorry for the short post. :c
    Me: Oh, I thought this was more like a longer post...

    I like the faces. :3

    I like fast-paced music too. So it kinda makes me feel better. (Let's be un-normal together! >:o)

  7. i'm guessing true!!
    i like the emotes and fast-paced music - have you tried lindsey stirling? she has great violin strength music.

    1. I love Lindsey Stirling's music. She's so talented and epic! :D

    2. ^ So true. I listen to her a lot cuz her music is just so awesome. :3

  8. Hey jammers, I would just like to say that I have made a clan!! It is called the Stormclan, and if you would like to join, please send me a JAG saying, Members: "Storm clan", and Non members: "I really like your den!" with the STAR stamp so I know you're talking about the clan. There are 5 members including me so far, and I would really like to get more! We need kits, queens, medicine cat, apprentices, warriors, and mentor warriors. So far, we have a leader (me), a deputy, two warriors, and an apprentice. Well, I kind of pick your name and rank, but that should not matter. What matters is that you should be loyal to the clan! Hope you join! ~5yoyo5~ p.s. My username is 5yoyo5 for people who usually ask...

  9. YES! DOLPHINS DO HAVE NAMES TO REMEMBER EACH OTHER BY! Sorry I typed in caps, I am just excited that I knew this one so well! (I hope) Great post Cloudclaws!


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