Monday, 23 December 2013

Bow and arrows?

Hey jammers! Today's gift is yet, another returning one but a nice one. :P
Bows and Arrows! ^.^
I guess the people who wanted bows can wear them now. C:
I remember the first time i joined AJ and got a bow, everyone was like wearing it. o.o
Im gonna get some of my storage's on and make a bow and arrow collection. >:3
Meanwhile, today's rare is the Rare Hood With Feather! 
 Ooh, interesting pattern on the feather. :3
I like the original one better though. :P I have a feeling
that feather is based on a bird..
Here's a post on the Daily Explorer!
Cool. I never knew it was first found in Turkey.
Well, you learn something new everyday i guess. :P
And about this part:
"We wounder if owning this stone will help you in your adventures?"
 The first thing that came to my mind was birthstone amulets to wear in the adventures. XD
But if there really where birthstone amulets in Jamaa, i reckon is would be cool. :3
Jam on!


  1. First and I can't believe bows are out. I love the feather on the hat it looks like a candy cane -donttellmeimcool stay cool ~ cool

  2. i posted please join my site or i kill you >:D

  3. Hmm, birthstone amulets would be fun. Maybe they would give you more hearts if your birthday corresponds with the birthstone...? And yes, you finally have a good purpose for entering your b-date.

  4. lol i LOVE the bows and arrows i have 4 of them! LOL 2 pink 1 brown 1 dull light brown. LOLOLOLOLOLOL XD

  5. Omg cloud i did the same thing i got my storages and collected bows before i read this!! and also MERRY CHIRSTMAS FOR TOMORROW AUSTRALIANS :D and MERRY CHRISTMAS IN 2 DAYS AMERICANS :D

  6. Could someone give me a bow any color thanks I wasn't on that day my user aid Coollwolf


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