Thursday, 12 December 2013

Gingerbread Tree

Hey jammers! Today's gift is the Anemone Head Bow!
  It looks nice on dolphins. :3 It doesn't really look like an
Anemone though, but then it wouldn't look like a bow. :P
Don't you think there should have been a multicolored version? ^.^ Perhaps
it will come out as a Monday rare! :D Meanwhile, a returning item is being sold again in Jam Mart Furniture! ^-^
 It goes good with the gingerbread house. :D
It's a shame we can't change colors though, then we could make a rainbow Gingerbread tree forest! ^.^ But i guess you could at least make a gingerbread tree forest. :P
Anyway, when i went to my den tonight, i got quite a suprise..
My tree has magically turned into a candy cane and has grown candy!! :D
I think this is a very creative version for the Jamaalidays. C:
Maybe for next year, AJHQ can make the seasonal tree like a christmas tree? :3
That's all for now jammers, happy jamming!


  1. This is one of the non member underwater items!

  2. Maybe it's made out of anemone...who knows?

  3. nice....XD AJHQ!! I have a complaint!!!! What if you don't have an underwater animal cuz chur a nm?????

  4. O: -licks candy cane tree- yummmmmm! i love trees! -not brocolli-

    and i dont have an under water animal! and im member...-is that just sad- ahh well ill just deliat it or sell it...-i dont spell stuff right-...



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