Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Snowman Mask

Hey jammers! As you may have noticed, i have changed my blog design! ^.^
Do you like it? Is there anything i can improve? :) Now, lets get on with the new item
which is the Snowman mask!
Hmm..I think it would have been better if the eyes and mouth where made
out of tiny black rocks instead of huge grey ones, and why is it called a snowman mask? Shouldn't it be Snowanimal? o-o Anyway, wouldn't it be cool if we could choose what type of snowanimal we wanted? Like a wolf, a penguin etc. Meanwhile, here's the RIM post on the Daily Explorer!
Now, here is today's daily mystery...
In the diamond shop, there is a giant Arctic wolf statue...
Why was it built?
Who does it represent? Feel free to share your idea or write a story. :)
Edit: By the way, today's prize for the jamaaliday's where the elf shoes!
Pretty neat, don't you think? :D AJHQ gave me my favorite color too. ^.^
Happy jamming!


  1. I luv todays jamaaliday item it non member and cool THE ELF SHOES.

  2. Amazing new design, I love it!!

  3. katsumawhitefang3 December 2013 at 13:26

    hey cloud! The snow man mask is actually a returning item :)

  4. I got BLACK elf shoes ^-^


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