Monday, 2 December 2013

Rare Snowflake Cape

Hey jammers! today's epic rare is the rare snowflake cape! :D
I think this is a very nice and creative rare. :3 Look at the price though. o-o
I think this item could have been nonmember and a bit cheaper, but apart from that, its very nice! ^.^
Do you think AJHQ should do other types of capes? :D
Meanwhile, here's some posts on the DE. ^.^
If only Chocolate tubs actually existed...
Speaking of gifts, today's gift is 300 gems which is quite boring to me. (no offense)
Here is another post about Deers!
Hmm...Maybe there will be a secret passage for deers in the adventures? :D
Im very excited for the actions! Maybe hop could be like a leaping action. Anyone have some other ideas? ^_^
That's all for now, Happy Jamaalidays!
P.S I promise i will get a new design for the blog but another day when i have time.


  1. To be honest i agree with you for the gems i have 46,000 gems already why do i need more? I luv the capes and i have 14 diamonds right now from gift cards (saving up for deer.

  2. Yep, gems are so darn BORING. You could just recycle the den gifts and get more gems if you needed some!

  3. I love the cape, but SERIOUSLY............ I have a ton of gems, I don't need anymore....................

  4. Jamaalidays if the phantoms attack while the Mira statue is frozen all is lost!


  5. Commenting in 2016
    I do believe that I am close to or possible the LAST on the AJ English Server with this item.


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