Thursday, 5 December 2013

Deers are here! + Exciting stuff :D

Hey jammers! Today's update was fantastic! :D Lets start with the new animals, deer! ^_^
 I love deers! ^.^ They also look adorable on AJ and they're not in the diamond shop! :D
Yay! But they're for members only..sorry nonmembers. D: But don't be sad though, AJHQ might make the grizzly bear as a new animal and make it nonmember! ^.^ And AJHQ might also make nonmember squirrels too, and maybe even make another animal nonmember! ^-^
Anyway, here's my deer, Eternal Snowyspirit!
I might be showing the actions of the deer soon. :D
Meanwhile, Pet Reindeers have seemed to come back to Jamaa!
Im going to try and make my new pet reindeer identical to my deer. :D
And gingerbread houses are sold in the diamond shop for 5 diamonds of you didn't know. ^_^
I wounder if other jammers got one for free.. I didn't but i guess
that's because i already have one. :P
There is also a brand new shop! ^.^
Lets see what's inside..

Last years gifts for jammers who didn't get one. ^.^ And the good thing is that everything is
for one diamond! :D Meanwhile, it seems like a new adventure is coming..
I didn't know what an infero was, so i searched it up on google and it meant a very big fire.
But the thing that still remains a question is why is it called GREELY'S infero?
I mean, Greely couldn't have made an infero could he? o-o Well because he's always been a bit dark and mysterious..  But i am VERY excited for this adventure! :O What do you think about the adventure, everyone?
That's all for today jammers!


  1. Hmm remember in great escape he was angry with us? I think greely is a little evil and sticked to the phantom side

    1. Could be! But maybe he will end up doing the right thing at the end. XP

    2. me and 2 of my friends and my brother all went on the great excape and we think greedly is the phantom king becouse he is magic and he likes to stay around phantoms alot and why else wuld he be at the top of the tower so we think he is we maybe wrong

  2. I had no idea what inferno was either. XD Look at AJHQ, making us LEARN stuff.
    And yaaaaay deeeeeeer!!!!!!

  3. Keep that word in mind cause in 5th grade your going to use it XD trust me i used that word a lot today in class :3 -glam

  4. Um, this is just random but what's the Jamaaliday gift that day? My cousin's been asking me that question for days and now, I just want to get that off of my shoulders.

  5. At least the deer aren't in the diamond shop


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