Sunday, 8 December 2013

Round Ornament

Hey jammers! It seems like we where right, today's gift is..*drumroll*
ONE DIAMOND! :D One diamond won't really make a difference but
at least AJHQ is giving nonmembers a diamond to buy something from the Jamaaliday Shop! ^_^ And plus, there is still another Jamaaliday Gift that sparkles, what do you think it will be? More diamonds? A rare item? A Pet? Anyway, today's returning item is the Round Ornament!
I love the rainbow-colored one. :3 I also think AJHQ should make
more ornaments for trees, maybe animal-shaped ones? ^.^
Fun Fact: You can now walk on rivers!
Happy jamming!


  1. I'm not that happy about the diamond. I'm a nonmember and I already have the things in the Jamaaliday shop, but oh we'll I guess if I ever become member I will have a diamond.
    ~ dooda123

  2. your first.
    have a cupcake.

  3. XD love this blog just saying randomly

    anyway yay! dimond...only 7 more till i get a cheetah or artic wolf

    sorry non members but maybe something really awesome will be for nonmembers...

    the ordamint i dont think i will buy that...still its cool tho ...

    just saying randomly... i think greedly is the phantom brother thinks that gram -i know thats not how u spell it - is teamed up with greedly on the phantom side...

    and also inferno means fire-ish ... hmm and like evil..but idk i just looked it up it maybe fake

    and have u seen on the loding screen of greedly he has phantoms around him...

    ok ur blog cloud claws! also i think u suld do like a give away or something...


    1. inferno? hmm *looks up words*it says an inferno is a very large fire out of control O.o

    2. I will do giveaways maybe next year. :)
      About the adventure, i think maybe Greely has gone to the
      phantom's side, and maybe the reason is that the phantom's trapped Mira somewhere and tell Greely if he does an inferno, they will give Mira back. But then, the other Alphas realize the phantoms are playing a trick on Greely and won't give Mira back then we try and stop him. I think that's what will happen in the new adventure. ^.^ Im really really excited! :D

  4. long but just 2 mention i created ice armour XP lol just saying and i wonder what tomorrows gift would be O.o
    p.s i was on holiday so couldn't comment at all DX


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