Sunday, 1 December 2013

J-A-M-A-A-L-I-D-A-Y-S A-R-E H-E-R-E!

Hey jammers! Guess what?
As you can see, im dressed up as a deer! :3 Which reminds me, do you think deers will be sold in
the diamond shop or bought by gems? Hmm..Last month when there was a puzzle, AJHQ had advertised for diamonds which made me think that something related to the diamond shop was coming, that that thing was the ice armor. Now, AJHQ made the ice armor to make us buy Retail gift cards right? And retail gift cards give you ten diamonds because some children waited for diamonds to get their cheetahs, and they wouldn't want to wait another 10 weeks so they would just buy the gift cards. So most of these state that the deer will be sold in the diamond shop, but will AJHQ be cruel enough to do this? What do you think?
Sorry if i bored you with that, today's returning item is the Epic Jamaaliday Tree!
It sure is epic! :3 I hope the decorations come too soon, What other new
Jamaaliday decorations do you think AJ should add? :D I was thinking Christmas lights would be EPIC! :3 And maybe even golden and silver deer statues too, and a small Christmas tree made out of pine cones. ^.^ I think AJHQ could make a smaller Jamaaliday Tree for nonmembers too because that would be fairer for nonmembers. :)
Now, has anyone noticed that the seasonal tree is in its autumn costume? o-o
Last time i checked, the tree had lost almost all of its leaves. 
AJHQ is becoming a VERY big game and its also becoming glitchy too. *sigh*
Happy jamming!



  1. Oh, I see you noticed the glitch too. XD
    Anywho, I personally don't think deer will be in the Diamond Shop. AJ HQ knows how far they can push us until we go crazy. And having deer in the Diamond Shop would DEFINITELY make us go crazy. :D

  2. I hope deer will be non member though that isn't likely -sighs-. I only want ONE and only ONE gift from aj the deer to be nm and cost 1,000 gems like the normal animals were. Happy jamaalidays!

  3. Love this Cloud! Thanks for following my blog, I followed yours!

  4. Glitchy indeed. This morning it wouldn't let me receive my Jamaaliday gift! Oh well, 300 gems isn't anything to make a fuss about anyways. :)


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