Friday, 6 December 2013

Jamaaliday Jam!

Hey jammers! I have decided that when we reach 50 followers, i might have a contest or even a party! ^.^ Now, today's gift was the Holiday Sweater!
The reason its on a penguin is that when i opened the gift, the sweater was invisible. o-o
Anyway, i love this item! :3 I like the little snowmen picture
on it. ^.^ And another good thing is that nonmembers can now be warmer now in winter! :D
Here's the new item, the wreath necklace! :)
Lots of holiday items coming out, yay! :3 The wreath
necklace looks pawsome on deer. ^_^ Antlers and wreath necklaces also make
a great combination! :D Meanwhile, a few hours ago i finally got to go to the Jamaaliday Jam! 
Eternal, i told you to take one. D:
Here are the slides! :3 The chocolate wafer one goes fastest because chocolate
A Gingerbread cart! It looks like a shop..
That sells Jamaaliday items! ^.^ What's your favorite items? Mine are the gumdrop
and snowflake.
There also seems to be some music! 
I loove this music, its perfect for winter! :)
And of course, the delicious chocolate pool!
Yummy. *drools* 
happy jamming!


  1. Cool!! Cloud Claws why arent you online when i am?

    1. We are probably in different timezones, i live in a very
      different timezone compared to other people playing AJ.

  2. Love the Jamaalidays! I like the sweater, it sure is cute. Tomorrow is the sparkling gift box. What do you think is in it. My guts going with diamonds but it could be a rare.
    ~ dooda123

    1. So do I OMZ, I wish i could go to a Jamaaliday Jam. :( They're never on when I'm on!

    2. I almost forgot about the sparkling gift! o-o
      Im very excited too, i really hope its diamonds because then, it would be good for members and nonmembers. ^.^ But who knows, it could also maybe be a pet for nonmembers and members! :D

  3. lol gaaahhh i want to know whats in tomarrows gift......

    anywho the sweater is cute

  4. opp i forgot to wright


  5. I missed yesterday's gift, could someone trade it to me?


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