Sunday, 15 December 2013

Holiday Bells

Hey jammers! I have broken a record on my blog yesterday, i got 288 page views yesterday! :D Almost 300! ^.^ Anyway, today's gift is the *SIGH* invisible Holiday Bells.
AJHQ should fix this glitch soon, its getting very annoying.
It would look great on Jamaaliday trees! ^.^ The sad thing is,
when you put it on a Jamaaliday tree, it goes behind it. D:
At least you can place it on seasonal trees though. :P I like the way AJHQ added the Holly
leaves and berries.  I think a Christmas/Jamaaliday tree star would be a good Jamaaliday gift. ^.^
Meanwhile, today's returning item is the Hat and Beard!
Yay, i can now pretend to be Santa! :D Another
good thing about this item is that its cheap and nonmember. ^.^
Happy jamming!


  1. Darn, I hate that only ornaments can go in front of trees. Lights and bells should be able to too!

  2. YAY I am in my mom's office at my house my internet isn't workng.I wish this could go on the christmas tree


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