Sunday, 22 December 2013

Gift Pile

Hey jammers! Today's new/returning item is the Gift pile. :)
It looks fantastic under Jamaaliday trees. :3 It also looks great anywhere in
my opinion. ^.^ We should be able to change the colors though. D:
And its a bit sad that its not nonmember. ;-; Oh well, at least nonmembers get the Gift bag. C: which is today's gift. :P
Credit to Kinyonga, the invisible item glitch is back for me again. >.<
I wish we could open the gifts. :P
Meanwhile, i have been feeling that not many people have been in the Cosmo's den,
so that's why i will be giving a tour of the den. ^-^
Here's the garden-it looks similar to the Enchanted Hollow den but a bit darker. I think the
garden looks pawsome! :D I can't wait until i get a Cosmo's den. C:
 Such a wonderful place to view birthstones. ^.^

Upstairs! :D
And a lovely, clean pond. ^_^ By the way, that wolf next to me is my
buddy, yeoh123. :3 And also, the 2014 jam-a-gram seems to be out!
I love that Jam-a-gram. ^-^ But anyone notice how to says happy new yearS?
Isn't it supposed to be Happy New yeaR? o.o
Anyway, that's all for today jammers.
Happy jamming!


  1. first!...i love cosmos den... i dont have one tho and its a bit small but i want one i have 2 diamonds
    and i dont really like the gifts this year last year they had bows, pink purses, and other awesome stuff...



  2. cloud if u wanna no about the super mario galaxy game tht i was talking about go to my blog

  3. and can you follow my blog!!

  4. hi i made 2 blogs and i was wondering if u can check them out? if u can that will be great!
    the aj blog is the clan one is
    -sanaban thanks!

  5. I want Cosmo's den SO bad!!! I would have it by now if it weren't for this glitch that I have where I try to get my Jamaaliday gift and when I click on it it takes CENTURIES!!!!!! *Breaks keyboard* Sorry. just had to get hat anger out. :T


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