Monday, 30 December 2013

Butterfly Wings

Hey jammers! today's rare is the Rare Butterfly wings!
*throws confetti everywhere*
I love the colors, purple and dark blue match perfectly. ^.^
The price is pretty good too, its nice to see that AJHQ is making new nonmember items after so 
many member items. ^_^ If anyone needs one, i have 8 of them. :3
Meanwhile, i finally went to the New Years party earlier!
If you click this, which is next to the slide, you'll get a lollypop! c:
Also, if you click this cake which is found somewhere near the clothing shop, you will get some free cake. C:
Fireworks! :3
More fireworks!
An aurora. :3
Really deep snow!
(i dunno why is appears all brownish.. o-o)
And the place where you get frosty. ^.^
Random other ice fortress! XD
Slides! :D
 Now for the Weekly Question:
What other cool new items should be should in Outback Imports?
Feel free to comment your idea, and Happy Early New Year! :P


  1. I think they should do a rug in the store and possibly some clothing items

  2. You spelled lollipop wrong :p

  3. I like that pot above the panda with the swirls. :)


  4. i didn't get the monday rare!!!!!
    clou can u give me 1?

  5. cloud i made a cool drawing of you.
    (sister of mistybreeze472)

  6. Cloud, I missed the RIM, but I will be willing to trade something for a spare pair. My username is scree53, can we meet up sometime?

  7. Omg, the new year party is soo cool!!


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