Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Jamaaliday Scarf

Hey jammers! Today's lovely returning item is the Jamaaliday Scarf. :3
Im glad this item returned, it goes well with anything! ^.^
I like all the colors too, im glad its nonmember. :D My favorite 
colors of the scarf are Pink, Red, black and a purplish bluish color. :) What are yours? ^_^
Meanwhile, here's a strange glitch with deers, thanks Katsumawhitefang for telling me! :3
So, here's an ordinary deer with mech wings.
Then i hop, and then ping! A jester hat appears.
Its a fun glitch to do for me. ^.^ You have to have mech wings then
make your animal the same color as them. :P
Happy jamming!


  1. aww making me want mech wings

  2. and also awesome glitch! too bad i cant do it :( im a poor nm...


  3. katsumawhitefang aj11 December 2013 at 13:19

    Lol i was jut doing random things with my deer then the glitch happened

  4. lol i love that glitch

  5. lol... i did it its kinda fun! XD awe-some glitch!

  6. Does someone knows when jamaalidays scarfs come at the shop ?

  7. do you guys know what a the scarf is worth? i already have one but i don't know what it is really worth.

    1. Depend's on what color, Brown : Beta's + Spikes, Maybe Even a Hd depending on person
      Black: A beta Maybe, Some rares.
      Other: Normal Stuff, A rare / Other color one

    2. i like the tan one

  8. Can anybody tell me what a scarf is worth tho. That would really help o.o

  9. what is a scarf worth no telling me a lie


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