Monday, 16 December 2013

Jamaaliday Wings

Hey jammers! Today's gift is the Decorative bow. ^.^
It goes great with the Holiday Bells. ^_^ I wish you could put this on 
Jamaaliday Trees, it would be such a lovely decoration. :C
I guess you could use it for other stuff. :P I wonder if it comes in other
colors. ^.^ Anyway, today's rare is the Jamaaliday Wings!
 No offense but i don't really like this rare, it would have been
better if it was nonmember. DX Maybe the reason AJHQ's been making so many
member stuff is because of the Jamaaliday gifts?
Meanwhile, here's the Monthly Nonmember for December that includes the Decorative Bow! ^.^
What you will need:
1. Red Panda Plush
2. pet sled.
3. Alpha stone.
4. Decorative bow
5. Holiday Bells
6. Two seasonal trees
7. Snow Globe
8. The Gift Express
9. Pet Hamster
10. Jamaaliday Lights
11. Two Penguins
And here's how it looks like altogether! :3
Whew that's alot of stuff. o-o
It still is a cute decoration for your den though, what do you think?
Its called the winter circle. :P
That's all for now, Happy jamming!
P.S The new adventure might come this week! :D Im
very excited, are you? ^.^


  1. Replies
    1. Ok, now for real. I think the bow is cute, but it would be cool if it was bigger. I wish they would make some more cloths for the gifts too. The wings will look cool with last weeks rare!


  2. Cloud claws, could you show tell me how to get the followers gadget. I can't find it. I was wondering what it was called. Is it just the "followers gadget"? I was the person that had the blog that you commented on once asking about me having the followers gadget. I'm starting to get some more views, so that's good. But only about 20 a day. Sometimes less. :(

  3. i like the bow but i think that aj could make better prizes like clothes XD LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOOLOLOLOLOLOLO

  4. umm cloud may i take a screenshot of your picture???


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