Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Candy Cane Tie

Hey jammers! Today's gift is a new one, (yay!) the candy cane tie!
It looks so yummy....*licks tie*
Just kidding. :P
Anyway, Its not really for me since im a girl, but i reckon its a cool boys item. :P
It looks nice on wolves! ^.^ Oh, and im really excited because of the 25th gift tomorrow, which reminds me that Christmas is also tomorrow. C:
Meanwhile, today's returning item is the paw candy!
Cute. ^.^
It looks great on walls, you could make a paw candy wall with these! :D
So i guess nonmembers can make a new wallpaper for their dens. ^.^
It also looks pawsome in any den! ^-^
And of course, the Rare item Monday post.
 That does look very good on deers.
its good that AJHQ is writing different things depending on the rare now. :D
But the weird thing is, here's how the post looked like a few hours ago. o-o

AJHQ removed it, but it makes my wonder if there wil be a rare hat & beard.
What do you think? :3
Now here's a safety warning thing i made for Kinyonga. :)
Im not sure if your supposed to make an image or just tell the idea. :P
So i did both. :P
Happy jamming!


  1. 1st yay!!!! :D~Coollwolf~

  2. Replies
    1. ok real comment im not a fan of the tie i cant wait till christma its tommarow o-o

    2. its christmas in my country i got sidekix girrafe! can't wait to enter the code!!!!!
      p.s i was playin with my friends and i SMACKED MY FOOT ON THE CORNOR OF THE WALL and its swollen and i cannot walk :((((

  3. I like the tie on my deer they are great on Deer.


  4. Im in Australia so I cant go on today because.... its christmas :D I quickly snuck on though .bye!




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