Saturday, 21 December 2013

Gingerbread man

Hey jammers!
Today's new item is the Gingerbread man, sold in Bahari Bargins.
Credit to Kinyonga, i lost mine somehow.
Its right eye looks a bit weird..o.o
 It looks like a furniture item, i wonder how to looks on animals. :P
 It looks so cute from here! ^.^ But won't it be a bit creepy to have a gingerbread man
following you wherever you go? O.o I think this would have made a better furniture item. :P Meanwhile, here's an item i missed from 2 days ago.
Jamaaliday bows! :D
They look great on all animals. ^.^ Especially bunnies and wolves. ^_^
I also like all the color opinions. C: Its not very expensive too, but i wish
it had been nonmember. D: Anyway, today's gift is 1 diamonds!
Its one, but its also several diamonds at the same time. o_o
I guess its useful for saving up to get Cosmo's den. ^.^
i wonder what gift will be given on the 25th, it looks huge! :D
Also, here's a post on the daily explorer.
"and hopefully an erupting volcano is the only thing you have to worry about!"
So does this mean we should worry about a virtual volcano all day? o.o
I recommend watching the video, its a cool one. ^.^ 
Now lets look at the underlined part. I think this means we get to use new weapons! C:
I have seen a jammer use her samurai sword before, and perhaps AJHQ will make brand
new weapons to use in the adventures! :D
Sorry for the uninteresting post today.  
Happy jamming!


  1. I hope the 25th gift is something good! I remember oen time it was 1,000 gems or something..

    1. Maybe 1,000 diamonds? :D
      Nah, just kidding, AJHQ most likely won't give us that much diamonds. :P
      I think 5 diamonds would be a good gift. ^.^

  2. Pretty blog!!! Can you follow and read mine? I'll do it back too! :D

    1. I visited your blog, i love your header. :D
      I also love your design. C:

  3. I think the 25th gift is a bow and arrow. Last Christmas was a bow and arrow. (non rare).


    1. It could be bow and arrows! :D
      Im planning on making a bow and arrow collection, and since so
      many people want one these days, it would be a good gift. :3

  4. CloudClaws is an author at please visit it soon and i congratulate her on it!


  5. why does everyone want Cosmo's Den? it'll be here for like ages.. the Gingerbread Den won't! why would you buy it?! the CARPETS look WEIRD! i agree, it's jamaasian, but do you agree with me? . U .

  6. but cloud how do you get the followers thingy where you click to join the site?????

    1. I commented how to get that on your blog. :3

  7. I think it's a bow hopefully New colors oh and I like your blog ;D~Coollwolf

  8. Cloud, ur blog is the best! It is so reliable, I just found it, and I love it already!

  9. noooooo I can't believe AJHQ doesn't know their plurals! D:


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