Sunday, 29 December 2013


Hey jammers! I never thought i would do this, but i put comment moderation up because of the number of comments with swear words i have been getting recently.
So if your gonna swear, there really is no point of it.
And if your comment doesn't show up, its probably because it hasn't been approved yet, it will show up though once its approved. ^.^ I might cancel moderation if that person stops swearing. Meanwhile, today's members-only (*sob*) item is the Snowboard!
I wish today's item had been nonmember..;-;
Oh well, i guess its a pretty cool item, perfect for winter! :3
The color opinions are also great. ^-^
Don't you think AJHQ should make a nonmember Snowboard/skateboard?
Anyway, here is a post on the Daily Explorer about birthstones!
Hmm, i wonder if the birthstones will be out next year? ^.^
Which reminds me, the New Year party is out! c:
Credit to the Animal Jam Spirit
Lets have a look at the items!
Credit to the Animal Jam Spirit
Whoa, Freedom wings? o.o
Hmm, i have one but im not very angry that they came out, in fact, im quite pleased
that nonmembers can buy Freedom Wings again. ^_^
What do you think? Good? Bad? Ok?
Now, there's also a music shop. ^.^
Credit to the Animal Jam Spirit
And of course, the 2014 items!
Credit to the Animal Jam Spirit
Cool! :3
By the way, i might and probably will do a contest for 50 (well, 51 actually) followers! :D
Happy jamming! ^^


  1. Awesome new item!!! I just got my membership yesterday and it looks like it's paying off!!! Cloud, comment moderation is a good idea. I saw the comment made 2 days ago and it was AWFUL. Thanks for doing this for people who don't like to see swear words ^.^

  2. First yay!!!! Real comment I'm glad that freedom wings came back goo non members!!!!

  3. 1st! I love the new items, and the heart flowers are cool!

  4. Awesome blog here! ^^
    I wonder if anything interesting happens when you put the birthstones in the stand?
    Too bad I put mine on a storage account and I'm too lazy to get them again.. XD

  5. anyway cloud what is your email?????

  6. The New Years Party sure looks fun! - Hawkeyex

  7. cloud claw in the other artical you wrote almost everyone thought they were first because you won't even let us write what we have and put it
    fish301. to talk to you

  8. yay first coment

  9. I dont think we can do first comment anymore cant see whos ahead of you


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