Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Candy Cane Crowns

Hey jammers! I missed an item yesterday which was the candy cane crown, sorry. >.<
Today's new item is the Candy Cane Tiara. :3
 Yay, They're nonmember! :D
I like Candy canes. ^.^ Especially Mint flavored ones. C:
 Now everyone can be a candy cane Queen/King! :P 
I like the crown better for some reason, even though im a girl. o-o Anyway, here's the Jamaaliday Gift!
 I think its a very decorative mailbox. ^.^ I think the white stuff is marshmallows,
but what is the mailbox made out of? o-o
Meanwhile, Here's the Daily mystery...
In the chamber of knowledge, there is a big circle, but in the Beta Days, it wasn't painted..
Here's the circle painted.
Why was it painted?
What does it represent? Look at the yellow shape,
it looks like a sun. Is it something to do with Zios? Feel free to write
a story or share your opinion about why the circle was painted. ^.^
Happy jamming!


  1. Hmm...maybe it lit up because Jamaa started to grow and expand.
    I agree, the tiara is

  2. Le mailbox-
    Chocolate swirl wrapped up in gum (?) or chewy candy, held up by marshmallows, the door thing on it may be a piece of chocolate. c:

    1. i think the mailbox is made of: marshmellows 4 what it stands on chocolate swirl for the mailboxy bit the door is made of chocolate as well and is tied up with a ribbon. now the daily mystery i dont really know why its painted since i didn't know what AJ was then O.o bye for now
      p.s my URL is some reason bell helicopters O.o i dunno why though XD

    2. srry i ment DX

    3. i finally got google account yeaaaaaaaaaaah

  3. I think that the top of the mailbox is made out of a cinnamon roll thingy-mablob (I don't like 'em much) anyway, here's a lil story I wrote about the paint non-paint thing: Once upon a time there was a guy at AJHQ and he thought that the floor would look more interesting painted the end. :T Ok, now for the interesting story...
    It had only been a few months since Zios' dissapearence, but Mira was still drowned in sadness. She was using the little strength that she had to keep the phantoms away from Jamaa. One day, a kind Panda with a heart of gold named Liza decided that Mira needed help. Her eyes twinkling with worry, Liza stepped up to Mira's throne. Mira looked up at Liza, rings under her eyes from exhaustion. Liza requoiled upon seeing Mira in this bedraggled state. "I'm sorry, I'll come back another time." Mira's eyes softened. "It's alright, dear." she said. "I'm just a bit tired." "Umm, well..." Liza went on, "I was wondering if I could help you defend Jamaa from the phantoms." Mira smiled. "actually, you can. The phantoms hate happiness. love to shatter dreams. I want you to spread happiness around Jamaa. And please start with the chamber of knowledge. It is so dark and dusty, no one likes it there." Liza nodded. "of course." "take these paints." Mira gestured to several pots of colorful paint. Snatching the paint, Liza darted out the door and to the chamber of knowledge. within an instant of arriving, Liza noticed a gorgeous pattern on the floor. without really thinking at all, Liza took hold of a paint brush. And suddenly, Liza leaped upon the floor, her colors dancing across the ground. She expressed all her emotions, all her love and all her hate. When Liza finally finished, she stood up to see her work. Shining, sparkling paint lined the floor, glinting in the dim light of the room. And that's how that got painted.

  4. i want pic but maybe not

  5. hi got google account

  6. plz put me replace ment

  7. i'm yeoh123 AJ in google account mode XD

  8. its a cinnamon stick thats cut and the door thingeh what ever is a peace of chocolaty



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