Monday, 9 December 2013

Rare Jamaaliday Top Hat

Hey jammers! Today's gift is the invisible inflatable snowman!
Why do i keep getting invisible stuff? >.<
Here's how it looks like:
It looks a bit odd to me but it is creative though. :P But how come the stick hands don't pop it? o-o
It also looks like its waving. XD I wounder if there are different snowmen,
has anyone gotten another one? ^.^ Anyway, today's rare is the Rare Jamaaliday Top Hat!
Whew, such a long name. O.O I like this rare, its nice how
its in Jamaaliday colors. :3 Its a pity its member. DX
Happy jamming!


  1. I love the snowman. And the top hat! XD

  2. On my member account it invisble gifts and on my non member i can see it (creepy).

  3. yay top hat i have wanted one forever XD yay!

    XD XD


    happy so so happy!


  5. i just got a top hat for my rare pigtails overtrade sqee!!!!!

  6. my user is seekerawesome trade me I have rare top hat and orange beard!!!!!!!!

  7. My top hat just randomly went missing! I had it in my inventory yesterday...

  8. I have the top hat I just want to know what it's worth


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