Monday, 19 January 2015

A guide to Jamaa #5: 2015!

Yes, we are in another year. In fact, it's nearly February! Time sure does fly past. :P
2014 was a good year for animal jam, but there where some cons too. One of the things that many jammers (including me) where upset about was how there where members-only animals for one whole year. Members where pretty disappointed too, since they where almost always in the Diamond Shop - and the fact that AJHQ made the chat far too restricted. I mean, i understand they're trying to keep us safe and all, but the amount of blocked messages i get everyday is far too much.

But there was some good stuff too. Almost all the dating stuff, got better. In 2013, there where far too much people saying "go to my den if u like me"
Unfortunately, there's still a few jammers that do these but a huge majority of it is gone.

So anyways, we celebrated 2015 with the adorable pet pandas. :D
- Which where sadly in the Diamond Shop as well. *sigh*
But since 2014 was an entire year od DS pets & animals, will 2015 also be the same?
I hope not. :c
But after pet pandas, im not that optimistic  about the upcoming owls.

Pet owls where member, Eagles where member, it just seems so predictable. ;-;
We gotta hope for the best, i guess.
But now im remembering what happened with the otters . . Everyone was so hopeful they where gonna be nonmember, and BOOM.
They're sold for diamonds.
So this might continue for a few months, but if it's the rest of 2015, just . .

But shall we focus on the positives now?
Like the new adventures!
No, not ocean or seasonal adventures but the original land animals. :D
I think AJHQ will begin to make 1 or 2 more ocean adventures, but honestly, it would be just amazing if there was a land one! What happened to the Phantom Fortress mentioned in The Search For Greely?
I really wanna see what happens next! Do the phantoms capture ALL the alphas? Like hinted in The search for greely too? (or was it greely's inferno?)
2015 might have amazing, good, bad or just downright terrible things for us. But i guess we'll just have to wait and see.


  1. In the Search For Greely, Greely metioned a phantom fortress, maybe we'll go bust the phantoms there and learn a few more secrets! I hope that owls are for nonmembers but we all know what will happen, our hope will fill up a million balloons, the ballons will float to the sky then POP the owls are in the diamond shop. I hope that nonmembers get more adventures. Btw, did you notice that every year on Thanksgiving AJHQ gives a gift to nonmembers? In 2013, it was the Meet Cosmo adventure for all jammers. But, in 2014 it was super lame, a pink glove! AJHQ said there was like 8 new colors but nonmembers could only enjoy one, the pinkish-purple. I think 2014 was an awful year, it should be called the year of the members, the only good part was nonmember seahorses and nonmember shipwreck den. 2013 was awesome. I joined in May 2013. There were nonmember adventures, gem animals, even the diamond shop wasn't much of a nuisance (at first). I have high hopes for 2015, here are some things I wish for:
    1. Nonmember owl
    2. New Adventure for nonmembers
    3. Coloring items for nonmembers
    4. Den for nonmembers

    1. Yes, 2014 wasn't the best year was it? :I
      Also, they haven't made an adventure for nonmembers in half a year. They should really make The Hive nm. Just because you battle the phantom king doesn't mean nonmembers don't deserve it. -.-

  2. I am with you anon ditto XD thx CloudClaws i gtg cause we gonna go to AIR AND SPACE MUSEUM yay!! bye! XDDD

  3. Cloudclaws, no offense, but it's were, not where when you're speaking in past-tense.

    It was just bugging me because I am one of those grammar and spelling OCD people

    1. I get confused alot . . it's a habit of mine. >.<

    2. It's okay, it doesn't bug a lot of normal people, I am just kinda OCD about it

    3. Oh. I also noticed it being "where" instead of "were". I just thought that's how Cloud spells it where she um is. ;)
      *awkward silence*
      Well then....

  4. Cloud, I think the diamond shop is becoming a problem to all jammers in AJ. AJHQ needs to think about the fun in animal jam. Imagine if your favorite animal came out on your birthday. And it was in the diamond shop. See? They don't think how frustrating it would be.

  5. I hate it when animals are in the diamond shop, cuz not ALL of us buys diamonds at AJ outfitters! I think diamonds arent worth real money, so i just have to wait 10 weeks before i can get the new animal (that wouldnt even be new anymore)! Plus, nms need way more respect. Ik AJHQ needs the money from members to make the game, but nms make up half the game. there would be so many less jammers playing AJ if it wherent for these lovely nms! Who's wit me?!?!?!

    1. I'm with you! I think that only dens and items should be in the diamond shop.

  6. Hmm...owls :D Meh. Meh. Meh. Diamonds=trouble Dx



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