Tuesday, 20 January 2015

AJ Sewer + New Page + Yesterday's RIM + Glitch

Hello every1 and 2day i will be showing you the new item, like i normally do. c:
First i thought this item was weird cause, like, it has AJ on it in big letters but then i thought it was pretty neat. :3
But also pretty gross, cuz it's a sewer.
I see something unusual about this item.
Do you?
It's nm.
yayz :D
Random fact: If you wear a clarinet on a penguin it will move as the penguin moves.
Creepy. :I
There used to be a glitch that when you hop, the clarinet enlarges like 2x original size . . 
But AJHQ fixed it. :c
Also, is it just me or does it sound like someone sneezed when you send a jam-a-gram?
hehehe random stuffz.

Speaking of random, i figured out how to do the bootiful eye. :O
Get the splashy pattern and do the round eye.
It's not actually an eye, it just looks like it is.
But everyone knows this, right? :I
Anyways, i have a IMPORTANT announcement to make . . 
A new page is here! :O

Basically, it's a page where you ask how to stuff if you're having trouble. Wow, i just said exactly what the picture said. XD
other jammers are welcome to help answer, or share information. :3
To visit the page, look at the tabs above or click here!
The page will be going through some sort of beta testing for around 3-5 months. (but it's not exactly beta testing)
If not many jammers view it in that time, then it will be deleted since it's sorta pointless . . 
But if the page is a success, it will stay. :3

Also, remember you can still vote on the polls! I'll still add an extra thingy to the blog. ^.^

Lastly, i want to to a rating on yesterday's RIM. :P
Creativity: 2/5
Colors: 5/5
Price: 3/5
10 out of 15.
Okay that's it for now jammers! :3 What do you think about the Help Center?


  1. I see you updated the blog ^-^


  2. SEWER JUST WHAT I NEEDED XDDDD Thx CloudClaws I got a rare but my bro traded it :(((( -petz52luv btw cutepups i didnt know you have your own blog KEWLIO XDD

    1. XD yay!

      This sewer item literally freaked me out when I first read this post (first blog I read that had the sewer item). Because... Of my failed sweg derp fox over on my cray-cray blog. It corresponds with this. Um ya. X3

  3. Sorry for that short comment...was in a rush x3 Finally, I'm doing the Eagle Adventure more often! Yay yayayayaya xD


  4. The sewer doesn't even look interesting on the inside :P


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