Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Two Underwater Items

Hello. 3
school starts tomorrow for me.
nuuuuu :c
I think there's two new underwater items today. 
da first one . . 
Gotta admit that this ain't one of my favorites. :I
Still pretty cute though. :3
AJHQ desperately needs to add something new to the underwater lands. Like a new underwater land or something, since barely anyone goes underwater. ;-;
Speaking of underwater stuffz, if you're an otter and you go to the top of the water it looks like you're out of water . . sorta. :P
Just a tiny bit. teeeeeny tinyy
Also, why is the post action for otters sitting up? Don't they lay down when resting? :I
Questions, questions.
What's next?
I like this better. The whole thing looks like . . errr what's it called? o-o
But it looks like something you can make at home or something. DIY? :P
I once said DIY aloud without thinking that it sounded like "die." XD
I pronounce omg as omg instead of "Oh Em Gee"
just omg.
if you get it . . o.o
Why am i talking about random stuff now instead of the item?
Imagine if someone randomly made a shop and sold the Animal Jam items in real life.
I bet some items would look reaaaaaaaally weird.
the spike collars would look scary and "dangerous" IRL even though they look cool on AJ. :P
And the others items would just look like items. Like the parkas or something.
And now im talking about random stuff instead of the item AGAIN.
However . . 
What about you? Do these heart items go well with YOUR clothes? :P
And they're too pink. Most of my animals are blackish, or brownish, or blueish-whitish-grayish
lot's of "ish" es there.
that was a weird word. o-o
veryyyyyyyyyy weird
Also, today i made this National Bear day.
although it's not actually national bear day.
Let's celebrate, even though it's not actually national bear day and because i just wanted to post a bunch of bear GIFs.
adventure journal bear gif 
adventure journal bear gif 
adventure journal bear gif 
adventure journal bear gif 
adventure journal bear gif 
adventure journal bear gif 
cute :3
fluffeh bears
Winter is coming for me. :D
I missed winter. Then one month later im gonna start moaning about how cold it is.
Same with summer. -.-
"too hot too hot blablabla"
But QOTP time. :3
What do you think of each season?
What are the pros and cons of all? 
Bye bye 4 now


  1. Your right...too MUCH hearty stuff ; , ; Meh. Finally, I can go on AJ again c: I FEEL SO BAD LEAVING MY BUDDIES! Dx Oh nvm. Seasons are always topsy turvy. The season starts, and it all of a WHAT THE HECK HAS HAPPENED TO THIS SEASON!? IS IT EVEN STARTING!? That's how it is for me...^.^


  2. Meh. First comment. Long comment too x3

  3. the bet season is spring :) i dont like the items...... those bears are so cute!! i love the brown bears waving well gtg talk later! -petz2luv

  4. the waving bears look like robots

  5. i say lol as lull and omg as oh em gee

    1. When I see the word "lol", I see/pronounce it as the letters "l-o-l". I usually forget to actually laugh when I type "lol", I just say it as "l-o-l". X3

  6. Great post! XD
    I say OMG as "ohmygod", but when I'm acting derpy I'm like "Oh. Em. Gee!" (Haha, I'm confusing!)
    Bears! :3

  7. Wait, your school starts tomorrow?
    ...Lucky xD

  8. my fav season is fall, not too hot or not too cold. Before I moved I liked summer, cuz I lived up north where it wasn't that hot, there was no school, and it was my B-Day. Here in FL, I choose fall cuz I am melting in summer.


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