Saturday, 14 December 2013

Reindeer Mask

Hey jammers! Today's gift is 700 gems, anyone notice how it goes up by 100 gems every time? :P Anyway, today's returning item is the Reindeer Mask!
Perfect if your pretending to be Rudolph. ^.^
Don't you think it would have been better if the lights glowed with the nose? C:
Its a good item so far. :D Its sad its member..DX Meanwhile, the shamans have changed a bit since they turned into there Alpha version..Which version did you like better? ^.^
Greely: Shaman Version

Greely:  Alpha Version:
 Peck: Shaman Version
 Peck: Alpha Version
Liza: Shaman Version
  Liza:Alpha Version
 Sir Gilbert: Shaman Version
Sir Gilbert: Alpha Version
Cosmo: Shaman Version
Cosmo: Alpha Version:
Graham: Shaman version
Graham: Alpha Version
I think i like the shaman versions best. ^.^
But for some alphas/shamans though, like Graham and Liza, i like the alpha version a tiny bit better. Both versions are good in my opinion, what do you think? :D


  1. 1st comment yay well I like the alphas better because the shaman versions look deeply :| ~sparkle08732

  2. Hmm, the alphas seem more...vibrant, ya know? The shamans are just dully colored and don't seem to have much personality.

  3. There's really not much of a differents, it's just that the alphas are more 3 dimensional and have better graphics
    ~ dooda123

  4. the alpha peck scares me......but all the other alpha/shaman look ok really...idk witch i like more...there both cool... exept the shaman ones r just...lifeless...and dull



    i like big spaces so i do them alot

    XD :)

  5. i like alpha version better cause it looks more powerful then the other version and the shaman version looks lazy!

  6. the alphas are way better. There more 3D and look cooler. the Lisa and peck look creepy in the shamon version

  7. Hey umm, not to sound naive, but what is the difference between alphas and shamans? I like the alpha versions better, except for greely. hes better as a shaman


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