Sunday, 30 March 2014

Animals Of Jamaa: Wolves

Hiya jammers!
So this is the first post on the Animals Of Jamaa on this blog!
Tell me what you think of these posts in the comments!
 Wolves are a nonmember land animal and are the most used animal in Jamaa so far,
When first purchased, they are blue-grey in color with a white underside.
A wide number of boys and girls use the Grey Wolf as their main animal, they are also used a lot in clans. However, Snow Leopards, Cheetahs, Lions, and tigers are also sometimes used.
Their current Alpha is Greely, who is seen in the adventures multiple times:
 Greely, the mysterious wolf Alpha.
If you would like to learn information about Greely, feel free to click here.
Fun Facts about Grey Wolves!
1. Grey wolves have been known to go without food for 14 days without ill effects!

2. Wolves used to be endangered, which means the animal is in danger of becoming extinct. However, a program to save the wolves took place and the wolves are happily not endangered now.

3. Grey wolves are carnivores and will eat anything like Deer, Moose, Elk or Rabbits and Beavers.

4. Grey wolves usually eat 20-30 pounds of meat in one meal.

5. When born, they are blind and deaf. They must be cared for until they reach 10 months.
So, what do you think? Should i continue doing the Animals Of Jamaa?


  1. I think it would be nice to continue the series, but instead of saying "nonmember animal", you could say "all-Jammer animal", because you're giving the impression that it's not available to members.

  2. This is how much I use my wild cat/wolf animals:
    Used most - Wolf
    Snow Leopard
    I don't want a tiger so o.o.

    Those are some interesting grey wolf facts Clouds! :)
    I hate researching facts, but they're kinda fun to me.
    I'd be starving going without food for 14 days. ;-;
    I am SO glad that wolves aren't endangered anymore! They're truly epic and amazing animals, and skilled hunters. <3 Go wolves!
    Before I saw in Sarepia forest a clan, and a wolf (jammer) was hunting a deer (jammer). O.O It was REALLY weird.

    Greely is an AWESOME Alpha! I'm glad he wasn't a traitor ^.^.
    I also agree with Ronen, it sounds like the wolf is only for non-members. But other than that, you're post was super-epic! ^-^


  3. This is awesome! You should definitely do more of these! ^.^

  4. @Ronen,
    Thanks for the tip! It does sound much better than nonmember. ^.^
    And as for everyone, im happy to see that you liked the idea of the Animals Of Jamaa. :)
    Jam on everyone!


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