Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Pirate Chest

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 Hiya Jammers!
Today's returning item is the pirate chest, sold in Jam-Mart clothing. :3
Hooray!! Its Nonmember!
 Some of the color opinions are very colorful. ^.^
Hmm.. Why not set up your den for a treasure hunt, and invite your buddies over?I bet it would be really fun! C:
Or maybe, you could just put it in your den and display it as an antique or something. :P
Anyway, there isn't a new post on the Daily Explorer.. Or at least for now.
Idea: Should i start posting about what's new in the Animal Jam Academy? ^.^
Well... i might post about AJ academy..i probably will, what do you think though? :)
Here's a Mystery to finish up the post. ^.^
In the Lost Temple of Zios, there's a gigantic elephant statue.
What's the meaning of it?
Does it mean that the elephants have had claimed this land long ago?
Does it mean anything in the Jamaa Lore?
Feel free to share your opinion or write a story in the comments. ^.^
That's all for today, see you tomorrow everyjammer!


  1. I think thats the elephant alpha XD

  2. i bet that the elephants built a temple or something XD


  3. cloud, can u PLEASE do a plushie series. i would make the blog very interesting



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