Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Jester Hat

Hiya Jammers!
Yes..i know this is a really late post..;-;
Anyway, i get what the plushie series are, but the problem is, that Snowyclaw is already doing them. And i don't wanna copy her.. Because it was her idea, and it was a very good idea indeed.
Well, the new item of today is the Jester hat sold in Jam-Mart clothing! ^.^
In my opinion, it looks fantastic on penguins! ^.^
You can make some very colorful and cheerful outfits with the Jester Hat. C:
Meanwhile, here's the Daily Explorer post. :3
Aww, im glad that AJHQ has become a part of the Great Basin Wildlife Rescue. ^_^
Im also very happy that the Golden Eagle recovered.
Meanwhile, here's the Daily Mystery!
Yes, i finally got an eagle! Yay!
In the adventure base camp, on a little island there lies a broken portal.
Could it be the new adventure?
When will the alphas fix it?
Will it be an eagle only adventure? Share your opinions, and maybe write a story in the comments! ^.^
That's all for today.
Have a fantastic day/afternoon/night/evening.


  1. I really like the Jester Hat, Can't wait for April Fools day!

    1. Oh yes, April fools day! :3
      I can't wait either! :D

  2. did u know snowyclaw scammed meloetta385 in bate days

    1. No, Snowyclaw does not scam.. The rumor all started a long time ago.
      The story behind the rumor in complicated, but please read this post to make things clearer.


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