Sunday, 2 March 2014

Lucky Party! :D

Hey jammers! Today's new item is the Clover patch. ^.^
I personally like this item, even though its only a patch of clovers.
I wounder if there's a four-leaved one there! :D
I actually found i four-leaved clover today in real life. :3 If you haven't found one yet, don't worry, keep searching and you'll eventually find one. ^_^
Unfair! D:
Speaking of clovers, i finally got to go to the lucky party! :D
Nothing has really changed, but there is a nice little shop though. ^.^
Ooh! :3 Lets see what's inside...
My favorite is the Clover Fountain so far. C:
Its sad that there's only one nonmember one...Well, at least the clover is four-leaved.
Here's a gigantic patch of clovers.
And the inside! :)
Aaand the music.
I love Happy-Go-Lucky..Its so peaceful and happy. C:
Happy jamming!


  1. Not liking the member-nonmember ratio. I think they could at least have the bench and the pot!

  2. I love the happy go lucky music!

  3. I'm so happy that the Clover Patch is back!
    Me and Pikachu have been thinking up an idea with using it :3
    There's no 4-leaf in it bro! Look closely O-O o-o O-O o-o O-O

    My favorite item is the Clover Fountain, two! It looks pretty in dens, especially in the castle dens. The Leprechaun Gnome makes me wanna laugh to death every time I look at his HILARIOUS face, XDDDDDDDDDDDD
    The crystals around the clover patch shaped like a clover should be a wallpaper! Wouldn't dat be just cool? >:D
    AJHQ is so good at designing! And making music ^w^

  4. I have found 3 four leaf clovers when I was in elementary school. 2 in 5th grade and 1 in 6th grade ^.^ and they were also on the same hill at our school. I still have my clover patches from last year.


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