Saturday, 1 March 2014

Aquamaraine Bithstone

Hey jammers! C:
Today's new item took me ages to find, i fact i was beginning to think there WAS no new item, and then i came up with the thought that perhaps it was in the Lucky Party, And theeen, i decided i had not looked carefully enough, but here it is. XD
I had also forgotten it was the first of March, no wounder why it was hard to find. :P
Did you know that Aquamarine means two words, "water" and "sea" In Latin? ^.^
Aquamarines are also my birthstone! :)
What's yours? ^.^
And now for the Daily Explorer posts. 
I like the picture AJHQ used for the eagle facts, be sure to check out on the AJ Academy too! ;)
And that question is a very good one, Happy Prettygem. ^.^
I haven't watched the video yet, but im sure the answer is very interesting. C:
That's all for today Jammers, see you till tomorrow!


  1. My birthstone is the Opal so that means i was born in October.


  2. My birthstone pearl ( June ). I agree today's item was hard to find

    1. :O my birth stone is a pearl to and i was born in june yeah and today's item was hard to find.. ~sparkl08732

    2. thats me up top :3 my birth stone is a pearl :3 ~sparkle08732

  3. My birthstone is...aquamarine! Hahahaha! Also, I really like that eagle drawing at the AJ Academy. It looks pawsome. =^.^=

  4. lol my birth stone is the one in december .......... i think is is the turquoiseXD


  5. Hey cloud! Its me sparkle08732 i finally got a google account and i finally confirmed it it took a few minutes but it was worth it >:P so yeah :3 and i agree the birth stone was hard to find i kept passing it up XD ~sparkle08732

  6. My birthstone is Ruby, so July.

  7. My birthstone is Aquamarine, in March. :3 My birthday is coming up soon! ^.^

  8. erm. sorry my profile says Bella davidson i shopuld fix dat :3

  9. Mines Sapphire :D Cloud, I hope you will be doing a special celebration on your birthday :3 Yup, It took me forever to find well until I look at the date


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