Saturday, 22 March 2014

The Search For Greely: Adventure Guide

Hiya Jammers! ^.^
So this is it, the adventure guide i promised you. :3
Let's begin, shall we?
The adventure starts of with Graham appearing. ^.^
To be honest, i actually thought Peck or Sir Gilbert would appear in this adventure, but its only Graham.  Oh well, i hope Peck and Sir Gilbert will be in the next adventure!
Down we go..
We are in the same volcano that erupted in Greely Inferno to search for him. I wounder where he is..
Hmm.. We found our first clue! :o
I wonder what they say.
aand up we go again. ^.^
Oh wow, is that a phantom only portal?!
Awesome! :D
We get help from the monkeys to help reveal the secret code. ^.^
In we go! :D
Ooh, what's that?
It seems like a machine of some sort, and it looks like it can be activated by a gem!
I wounder where the gem is.. I can't wait to see what the machine does!
Oh my, a phantom portal!
Graham says he found a purple Alpha stone, but found no use of it, so he gives it to us. ^.^
*puts ze gem inside machine*
It makes sludge pour out of the sinks, and if you go under them, you get a phantom disguise!
So i guess NOW we can enter the portal. :D
But i hope the disguise is temporary though. :P

Down we go..

Hooray, it seems like Greely is alive after all! :D
And he didn't go to the dark side too, as some poeple thought. ^.^
But he's trapped inside a huge purple crystal though, and it seems like the keys will unlock the locks. D:
Uh-Oh, what if the phantoms capture ANOTHER alpha? :O
Oh and by the way, if you look closely you will see icons telling you where the keys are.
At the end of the adventure, Greely gives us some interesting information about the phantoms!
Credit for those three goes to Snowyclaw.
So im guessing in the new adventure, we are going to be inside the Phantom Fortress.
I can't wait! What do you think will happen in the next adventure? :D


  1. first comment. cloudu r so funny and awsum

  2. soooooo helpful :D i did that adventure on the first day cuz nonmembers can do it :D


  3. @f nd,
    Aww, thanks. ^.^
    Nonmembers can do it? really?! That's AWESOME!! :D
    Im happy for nonmembers. :3

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  5. for some reason, i cant put boomseeds down when im fighting the kings.. it has a big red X when i try to place boomseeds?.. anyone know how to fix the glitch?


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