Thursday, 20 March 2014

The Search For Greely

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Hiya jammers! 
Today, there was a PAWSOME update! :D
Lets start with the brand new adventure, The Search For Greely! ^.^
 When i was doing this adventure, i got so excited that my heart was pounding. XD
This adventure requires a huge amount of teamwork, i would recommend taking a group of 3 or 4 with you. Its almost impossible to do by yourself..
... The adventure is located somewhere next to Greely's Inferno. ^.^
 Here's some glimpses of the new adventure!
I will be writing a full guide to the adventure tomorrow. ^.^ 
Don't look if you like surprises though!
 Yes, you get to be disguised as a phantom! :D
It's so cool. :3
And plus, instead of one, there are TWO phantom kings! :O
Battling both of them was quite hard, but we managed to do it. ^.^ 
Greely was also trapped in a giant purple crystal, so we was alive after all! C:
And also, in the beginning, there are some mysterious notes from Greely's Journal, which made me feel slightly uncomfortable.. 
Ok, VERY uncomfortable. :P
At the ending Greely tells us that his plan was actually to find out about the Phantom Fortress, which the other alphas thought it was a myth.
However, there was also a note saying something like: "The alphas suspect nothing!"
But if Greely was doing this for a good purpose, then why would he write it in his journal?
I doubt that Greely has gone to the dark side since he was helped Jamaa understand the phantoms for so long, but many mysteries still remain..

Well anyway, here's the 2nd page! ^.^
Aww.... D:
Tons of animals are endangered in Jamaa these days, and giraffes and rhinos are STILL not back! ;-;
The reason people aren't using pandas much i think is that because lots of clothing don't fit them properly or maybe something else.
But those endangerment banners contain some cool facts, be sure to read some! ^.^
3rd page. C:
Modern Major Kangaroo is so fun. :D
I love how AJ is becoming more educational these days, don't you? ^.^
And ze April Fools party is almost here, i will post a tour once its on! C:
Those items look so colorful, i especially like the colors on the shark fin! :D
Well anyway, i have been thinking about adding bonus posts to my blog like Snowyclaw does, but im not sure of what to post about.
Any suggestions please? C:



  1. At first AJHQ said that they were travelling but then they said pandas were ENDANGERED :( This makes no sence

  2. Epic update I'll try to get on a level later sounds fun!!! My sis will be so exited!!

  3. I wish giraffes would come !! -sparkle08732 p.s downtown was hacked and suspended for three days so I won't be switching...

    1. Me too.. I miss giraffes and rhinos too. D:

  4. Hmmm.... Snowyclaw has posts about plushie collections, how about post about the toys you get from phantom invasion? Just a suggestion.

  5. You know, I think you should be original :) Forget about what Snowyclaw does and do what you think is what represents you. I like history and writing, and that's why I created my blog, to share the culture of Jamaa.

    1. You're right Ronen. I should forget about Snowyclaw, and do what represents me! :D

  6. I will be needing that guide XD

  7. Cloud, if u want help about wat 2 post about do a PLUSHIE mini blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i LOVE those and it would be nice if u did that XD


    1. Please understand that i just don't want to copy her idea, its hers and it should be left hers.


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