Friday, 14 March 2014

Clover Earmuffs

Hiya Jammers! ^.^
So yay, an early post today! :3 
Well the returning item today are the Clover Earmuffs, sold in Jam-Mart clothing! 
I personally am not the biggest fan of this item, but i have to say that the default colors are very nice. ^.^
But anyone notice that the new clothing AJHQ is making these days is "useless?"
I mean, no one seems to be interested in buying them, including me. Everyone is interested in rares and the more warrior-like clothing.
But, however, some people DO like these items, it just seems like to me many people are more interested in the beta & rare items..
Anyone else notice that or is it just me?
Well, anyway, here's a quite interesting post on the Daily Explorer about pandas! ^.^
I agree with the last part..It does seem like pandas are also endangered in Jamaa! :c
But i like it that AJHQ is being more educational these days. :3
Well, that's all for today.
See ya till tomorrow!


  1. omg like the name tag with ur name on it at the bottom :D:D:D:D:D


  2. Real comment yeah I agree pandas endangered in animaljams so that's why there moving DX and yeah people like rates and betas... I basically like the warrior outfit but I don't roe play this comment is getting a little long so ME end it -sparkle08732 p.s. why is the diamond shop cracking?

  3. Ugh I keep putting to many comments >…<

  4. The Clover Earmuffins were being sold during the New Year Party, right? Like somewhere in the Hot Cocoa Hut? ^w^ I like the colors but not the one with red, black, and brown. I like warrior clothing's, too! Clouderz not ALL of us are interested in rares. Gosh -.-. I'm interested in making a good like for my FOXY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just because we put rares or betas on our animals doesn't mean we just care about "rares and betas". >:c
    Thursday is when the pandas are traveling to their so called "destination".

    Have a lucky pawful of clovers, and eat yo popcorn!
    :3 !~ilovecutechihuahuas~!

  5. YES!!!! Red pandas!!! Sorry. their my favorite.

  6. I disagree. Ever since the release of all the Lucky Day items, I've seen many an animal coming up with green-themed outfits.

  7. Did you see the golden eagle video on youtube it pretty interesting.


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