Sunday, 16 March 2014

Clover Balloons

Hiya Jammers!
Today's new item is the clover balloon, sold in Jam-Mart clothing. ^.^
I love balloons, especially ones that come in all different types of shapes and sizes! :3
I like this item because it goes quite well with outfits, but honestly, it should have been nonmember and much cheaper. It IS still just a balloon. :P
But i love balloons anyway. I wish someone would invent helium balloons that lasted forever..
Well, on the other hand, the eagle nametag is here! ^.^
It looks pretty neat. c:
What's your favorite nametag? ^.^
Well, anyway, here's the Daily Explorer post!
When AJHQ mentioned "a new Alpha," a shudder ran up my spine..
Greely has been here almost ever since Jamaa started. Well, if there really is a new Alpha, it would never EVER be the same.. ;-;
Am i being to emotional?
Meanwhile, here's the Weekly Question! ^-^
What new changes would you like to see on this blog? And why?
See ya later everyone!


  1. SO MUCH SUSPENSE... Tell us what happened already AJHQ!

  2. I hope greely didn't die :( if he did well then: I WANT GREELY ALIIIIVE well that's rant LOL my favorite name tag is Mira -dawnypaw

  3. i would like maby u 2 to do a poll to see wat kind of segment like

    . Fashions
    . Pets
    . A PLUSHIE SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i really LOVE those so can u do them PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ur fathful follower,


  4. My favorite nametag is the panda one, as I am a complete panda freak. I would like you to put up a poll with a series of comics that include plushies! I would be more then willing to donate plushies for this. Crossing my fingers that AJHQ doesn't remove Greely and replace him. He is one of my favorite alphas ever!

  5. An "Other Blogs" and a "Glitches" page would be nice.

    I don't think AJHQ will kill off an alpha that's in the hearts of so many Jammers...

    Please check out my blog!

  6. hey um Cloud did u know that if u sell the rare tukido u can get around 7,000
    gems!!!!!!!!!!!!! now i have around 104,672 gems :D


    1. ummm like i meant 140, 734 srry that was fromm earlier XD


  7. Greely is one of the best and most loved Alphas. Hopefully he's alive, just maybe hiding? OHHH maybe they listened to my idea about cheetah alpha named Savannah ^.^ THAT would be so EPIC!!


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