Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Clover Chair

Hiya jammers! ^.^
Today's new item is the clover chair, sold in Jam-Mart Furniture. C:
Seems like AJHQ listened to my idea..o-o
Or was with a returning item? :P
Anyway, i do personally like this item, it looks quite comfy to sit on. ^.^
And its also quite cheap! :3 But sadly, member. *sob*
I wish AJHQ would do more non-member items these days..
..There has been WAY too many member items these days in my opinion.
Well, anyway, we also have another new item, the clover trident! :)
 Quite similar to the normal tridents, but with clovers! :D
And anywone notice that the clover trident and the clover cape make up a costume..?
Or not..
..Since there isn't anything really bad happening underwater.
Well, as you know, the Daily Explorer posts daily, so that's why its called the Daily Explorer! :D
So here's today's post. :P
Another Handy Tip:
Clover come in two common types: Heart leaved ones and single leaved ones.
here's how a heart-leaved one looks like:
Credit to whoever took it.
This photo was labeled as "four leaved clovers"
If you look closely, they aren't four leaved! They are three leaves in the shape of hearts, so don't confuse then with a four-leaved one!
 File:4-leaf clover.JPG
  In Wikipedia, it says if you want to find one, you need to look in patches of White clover (Above) Or the red clover. (down)
File:Trifolium pratense 0522.jpg
 I never knew this type of clover. o-o
Well anyway, that's all for today jammers.
Cya! ^.^
P.S  I will be posting an interesting fact about clovers on the next post! :D


  1. You could use any clothing to make outfits or combinations. The clover chair was an old item that came out weeks ago.

  2. I found the same clover picture! ^_^
    It's by Red Horse Tutoring, a website.

    I'm hurrying so!
    Have a pawful of clovers and eat yo popcorn!
    :3 !~ilovecutechihuahuas~!

    1. Yaay popcorn. :P
      *gives more popcorn*

  3. Whoaaaaa, i had an idea about the super clover animal things too!

  4. oh hey cloud remember when your aj glitched and you got more dimonds it happend to me too i had 1 dimond and the next day i had 5 btw the next day is today..


    1. Hmm..The diamond glitch is getting very interesting..
      Is AJHQ doing it on purpose? o-o

  5. lol the chair is need :D:D:D:D


  6. i meant neet XD opps



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